Gang rape victim Mukhtar Mai(Pakistani gang rape victim ),walks the fashion runway and won Hearts “If you have a mishap, it’s not the end of life.”


In 2002, Mai was sentenced by a local council of tribal elders to be gang raped and publicly humiliated as punishment for her brother’s perceived insult to a rival family. The Associated Press does not identify victims of sexual assault unless they choose to identify themselves.

A red-carpet reception in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, attended by the country’s fashion elite, served as the forum for Mai’s symbolic fashion debut–something she said she’s doing as a model of courage and hope for other Pakistani women.

“If one step I take, if that helps even one woman, I would be very happy to do that,” Mai told The Associated Press.

The annual fashion showcase was started in 2009 in defiance to religious fundamentalists in Pakistan who sought to enforce strict dress codes and behavioral restrictions on Pakistani women.

“I want to be the voice of those women who face circumstances similar to what I did,” Mai said. “My message for my sisters is that we aren’t weak. We have a heart and a brain, we also think.”

“I ask my sisters to not lose hope in the face of injustice, as we will get justice one day for sure.”

This not all ,but also ,out of Rs. 500,000 she was awarded by the government as compensation, she set up a school in her village, which she thought would be the best way to address gender inequality and discrimination. Her case was covered extensively by international media, which helped her receive more funding and set up two schools. In 2006, she also established the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Shelter Home in Meerwala to give refuge to runaway or homeless women who were survivors of gender-based violence.

After walking the ramp, she told the Express Tribune, “All that I do, I do it for my children (at the shelter) and women. This is for them. I can’t do this alone hence I found an anchor in the media to help spread my message.”

“Vamaindia salutes this women” 


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