Do you recognize this women …Ohh yes this is Deepika Padukone in her non-glamorous look for new project

Deepika Padukone always takes our heart away by her glamorous looks.But for her new project of Iranian filmmaker ” Majid Majidi” , she has shooted in the Dhobi ghat in non-glamorous without makeup look , she was dressed as a washerwoman.

This film will be her second international release after the Vin Diesel star-fest and should be an ideal platform to showcase her acting chops, given the Iranian maestro’s penchant at making aesthetically rich and intricate sagas of human relationships that demand high calibre histrionics from his artists.

While mentioned  film is scheduled to start in the year-end, Deepika will also be dividing her time between preparing for the promotions of XXX, which opens worldwide on January 20, 2017

We will get to know more about this project soon..

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