Kulsum Malik – A lady who created history in Beauty Profession in Jaipur

Whenever ,  I thought of Kulsum Malik , one dialogue of movie  “Om Shanti om”  comes into my mind  “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai” .  Although , success was not that easy for her , but , she never looked because of the challenges came during  her journey .

She is such a grounded lady , despite of leading women in Beauty Salon profession in Jaipur , treats everyone with humbleness and generosity. Let’s know what she went through in this successful journey of ” Kaya kalp “

She belongs to a small town near Meerut (UP) , among the 8 siblings she is the youngest .  Although her Father belongs to a Nawab family. But due to sudden and early demise of her father the earnings were not enough to meet the ends. She said emotionally “Hum bade hotey gaye aur humari jaruratey pura karne ke liye ghar ke samaan biktey gaye”

She moved to Ajmer , Rajasthan in her 10th year.After completing the 12th Class started working in jobs like Typing , stitching etc.
When asked about ,How she landed in Beauty Salon profession ? , then she adds

“In 1974 , I read an interview in which beauty profession is considered the best and safe for the women of every age.Then, I decided to do my course in a beauty parlor with a fractured hand and I was asked to pay a sum of Rs 1200 as fee. That time for me, managing that amount was like arranging for a few lakh of rupees. But I arranged for that money because I wanted to so something in life and after that I landed a job in a Rambagh hotel. Though the salary was really small, and was hardly enough to support my family, but I did manage to save money from that meagre amount to set up my own parlor one day”.

In 1978 , she opened her first beauty parlor in Jayanti market by the name of “Femina Beauty Parlour”.

Kulsum Malik – A lady who created history in Beauty Salon Profession in Jaipur
When asked about the challenges , she told ” I used walk to the parlour to save 2 Rs of richshaw , It was so challenging sometimes not able to even earn 3Rs and used to do all cleaning and dusting of the parlour by herself ” and now she maintains Mercedes and have n numbers of people to help 🙂

She adds , people used to discourage her about the profession but she only followed one lesson learnt from her adults ….she says “Jab aapka bura waqt ho tab khamoshi se aage badho ….aur jab aap kuch bann jaaoge tab woh aapka jawaab hoga “

In the year 1984 , she opened first ” Kulsum’s Kaya kalp ”  beauty Salon. But the turning point of her business came in the year 2002, when she put up her first factory of herbal products by the name “Kaya kalp Herbals Pvt Ltd “ which was inaugrated by Rajmata “Gayatri Devi”

After that , she never looked back and now she owns chain of Salons and factory “Kaya kalp Herbals Pvt Ltd” which supplies its ayurvedic products globally.

When asked about – Now that  innumerable Beauty Salon chains have flooded in Jaipur  , where does you think “”Kulsum’s  kaya kalp”  stands out ?

” Being the oldest one and with word of mouth publicity , we still have loyal customer base  and a added advantage with us is this that , we do not use any chemical product in our beauty processes except for hair. We only use herbal products on skin , those does not have any side effects.”


She is married to a Hindu in 1981 , they have 2 Son and 1 Daughter , her family is example of unity in diversity , they celebrate Diwali and Eid and other festivals of both the religions with same joy .

And now her Daughter and Daughter-in – Law are helping her out to take the legacy forward . Her Son’s are also involved in the factory “Kaya kalp Herbals Pvt Ltd”

She also helps the girls from SOS village by teaching them free of cost. She has also recieved many awards.

VamaIndia salutes to the honesty , hard work and courage of this women.

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