Rushdina changed the course of her career to be a full-time corporate trainer

With a Master’s degree and two years of work experience from the UK, Rushdina Khan started her career at an international organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh, her home country. Just like many other job-holders, her professional life was no extra-ordinary, apart from the only exception of conducting professional training programs for corporate audiences, which she did additionally on weekends as an independent consultant. These training programs gave her a feeling of being able to fast-track people’s development, and hence to the corporate sector of Bangladesh. Rushdina felt thrilled by the response and development that was apparent in the learners having participated in these programs. Rushdina’s training programs have mostly been on Customer Service, Business Communication and Business English, all addressing the basic and customized needs of the professionals of all levels.


After serving as a full time employee at various international and multinational organizations for ten years, Rushdina left her full time job of a Senior Manager and decided to dedicate her time in conducting corporate training programs and looking after her toddler alongside. Rushdina has been a very caring mother, a big time reader and a self-motivated learner herself. Her compassionate personality shows in her sense of responsibility for her family as well as in the approach towards her audience during training.

Her training delivery has become popular because of her in-depth knowledge on the topics for one thing, and because she announced some of the essential courses at prices affordable to the middle income group of professionals. “I felt my creativity and skills were wasted, even though occupied hundred percent of the time at work, I felt I was doing nothing……besides, being a women should be more than being a mother or a worker on its own” said Rushdina.

In addition to all these, Rushdina also offers to help people on Business English with aid at writing emails and others, totally free of charge through her Facebook page named ‘Training with Rushdina’.

Identifying training needs of professionals, addressing these needs by creative activities and exercises, and motivating professionals towards their goals alongside give her immense satisfaction. Rushdina trains up more than hundred and fifty professionals every month on Soft Skills and Business English Communication skills and she believes she learns new things from her audience every day.

VamaIndia wishes Rushdina all the best for her future endeavors 🙂




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