An insightful session with Dr Pinky Anand Add. Solicitor General At FICCI FLO Jaipur Event

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Dr. Pinky Anand Additional Solicitor General of India. She is Doctorate of Law, graduate of Harvard Law School and an Inlaks scholar.

Event held on the occasion of launch of ” Advocacy and Legal Cell” at FICCI FLO Jaipur. FLO Chairperson Ms Preeti Saboo opened the Event.
Dr Pinky Anand who is the Chief guest and Speaker for the event, with her vast experience and knowledge took all of us through with all the important Law and Act associated with the Women.


She started her session with a quote : ” Women Better at Multitasking then Men ” by Dr Ragini Verma.

” Still women struggle to have power within her hands , property with her hands and assets within  her hands”  She has example of the a woman in Chotta Nagpur area in Bihar who was denied to have the inheritance rights because she is a woman.Where in people in power thought if this case came in this then it will definitely will come in others too .

Then she adds – This where the social movements go they one from the other and catches momentum that is when the ball starts rolling ,that is what we are all here she quotes ” Law has been a very important tool in this process”

She gave the example of the Late Jaylalitha , Who was when assaulted from the assembly refused to come to the assembly till she is been made the Chief Minister.

She said – No talk , no session on women empowerment is complete without discussing JayLalitha . She adds for her that  ” From a glamorous actress to being the face of political and social change in Tamil Nadu,Smt Jaylalitha lived a short yet a meaningful life with steep ups and downs and managed to face all challenges bravely.She won million hearts will always be remembered in all times to come . Hailed as the embodiment of Women Empowerment “ That’s absolutely true.

She adds further that it should be called as “Human rights” instead of “Women rights” why we differentiate between the two gender when they are equal.

“Why a lady has to do something because she is a women she should because she wants to do.” On this statement of hers their was loud noise of applaud and a big smile on everyone’s face.
Then took the session to the very famous or we must say a trending topic ” Triple Talaq “ which is aching our system.

After that she adds several examples like Women were not allowed to enter to some of the religious places because she is women but court made a law against it .

She give a light on various laws for Women on the issues like ” Stridhan ” , ” Rights on live-in Partners ” , ” Right of Daughters on Parents property ” , ” Dowry Prohibition Act ” , “HUF” , “HSA”

Later she addedd – ” Rajasthan is beginner in many movements related to women empowerment”

When asked about the right of Daughter in her parents house ?
She answered – ” Yes , daughter has equal rights as the son on the parents house.”

© 2016 – All Rights Reserved

Very insightful session Laws and Act explained with the appropriate examples .

Kudos!! to FLO Team to organize such an event.


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