Dr Seema Sadhika’s Namma Mitra Foundation addresses issues on health, hygiene, education, environment, employment, electricity of the village

Bangalore resident Dr Seema Sadhika’s career as an anti ageing specialist was booming she has started Aura Anti-aging Centre . As a medical student, Dr. Seema Sadhika has to organize medical camps in villages , once , while interacting with villagers in a hamlet called Banadur in Dharwad district, she understood that the place had seen almost no sign of development. In May 2015, she started an NGO named Namma Mitra Foundation, which works on projects to address issues on health, hygiene, education, environment, employment, electricity, etc of the village. Namma Mitra also conducts surveys to narrow down on problems faced by villagers and comes up with solutions for them.

Namma Mitra Foundation is an Indian Non Governmental Organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882. Founded by Dr.Seemma Saadikha, Namma Mitra works on a wide range of projects connecting with numerous rural communities. Namma Mitra aims to help make a difference to society by meaningful contributions towards the healthcare, education, social welfare and development of individuals and communities. It provides vocational training /skills that can also be passed on to future generations.

photo_64Namma Mitra believes in empowerment by creating sustainable employment opportunities to help establish sustainable livelihoods and improve their overall well being. Earlier this year the foundation installed a solar grid in Banadur village which powered street lights and 70 houses with sufficient electricity for lighting and charging. The children now have the luxury of studies after sunset, while the residents have better visibility. Introduction of E-Shala (E-Learning Program), enabled students a chance at higher and quality education as compared to prevailing system limited to standard 5. All content is in Kannada and English, making it easier for the children to learn and understand all subjects from class 5 to class 10. The foundation has been actively conducting Medical Camps in remote villages across Karnataka region providing free check-ups, consultation and distributing medicines and supplements to the needy. More recently a Cell Phone repair training camp was conducted in the village with a more hands-on practical experience.

Planting of saplings etc are a regular feature and small children are being encouraged to plant them and take care of it.
Post-delivery counseling at Hubli Govt. hospital-Dr. Seemma Saadikha counseled the post-delivery inpatients at Hubli Govt hospital about family planning, importance of births spacing, importance of breastfeeding, and nutritional advice for the post-delivery cases. Followed by an hour of Q&A

Back to school visit-During the visit to one of the village schools, the panchayat and the head master from a neighboring village invited us to conduct some activities for their school as well. We visited the school and discussed the importance of Hygiene and its impact on healthy living. We also had the opportunity to discuss the importance of education for a better life. We held cultural activities and awards were given to the best performers.

Medical Camp at Yellur, Belgaum- around 350 locals had free checkup, consultation, medicines and supplements. It was a joint initiative by the Gram Panchayat members and VOTC Hospital staffs, Dr Ravi B Patil and others.

VOICE a social responsibility awareness program by Namma Mitra foundation in association with NDMCT (Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust) was conducted in VIMS Bellary. Priya Dutt & Dr Seemma Saadikha interacted with young medicos and doctors on social issues and social responsibility of today’s youth

The young women rising awareness, women empowerment awareness program was conducted by Namma Mitra in association with NDMCT (Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust)
Providing green energy to 3 hamlets, namely Kukrewada, Druparthiwada, and Mulankere.

In Kukrewada where people have to travel 1km through the jungle to reach the village. Namma Mitra has provided individual solar units which provides 2 LED tube lights with one led bulb and mobile charging unit to each house including the community centre and 5 street lights (the system can be used from 6pm to 6am.

In, Druparthiwada Namma Mitra has installed solar mini grid which provides each house with 2 tube lights n mobile charging unit,5 street lights, the community center, the school and the anganwadi is also supported with sola (the system provides clean energy from 6pm to 6 am).

In Mulankere all the houses have been provided with individual solar system each house will get two lights n one mobile charging unit

Social Entrepreneur
Having picked up strong values from her grandmother, Dr. Seemma didn’t have to think twice before taking a plunge into social work. During one of her medical camps, she realized that the village of Banadur in Dharwad district of Karnataka lacked basic amenities on the healthcare and education front. She immediately took an initiative and decided to get active in the hamlet.
In the process, she founded Namma Mitra, a charitable organization that works on a wide range of projects connecting several rural communities.

Functional medicine expert
Always one to explore new paths, Dr. Seemma chose to go beyond traditional medicine and tread the path of functional medicine by engaging each of her patients in a therapeutic partnership. Through functional medicine, she studies the unique lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors influencing each of her patients and offers health solutions then.
Dr. Seemma has adopted a futuristic and modern approach to healthcare. She believes that the needs of each patient are different and the underlying cause of disease should be treated and not just its symptoms.

Anti-aging specialist
At the indication of her mentor, Dr. Seemma chose to study anti-ageing medicine at Victus Life in Bali, Indonesia, and has not stopped to look back ever since. Aura Anti-Ageing Center was rolled out in 2009 and till date Dr. Seemma has been instrumental in bringing smiles to hundreds of faces which include prominent personalities from the fields of fashion, films, sports and industry. Recently, Dr. Seemma represented India as a speaker at the 13th Malaysian Anti-Ageing conference where she left a remarkable impression. She regularly conducts workshops for doctors across India and abroad.

Awards & Accolades
For her outstanding social work, Dr. Seemma has won awards like
• Young Achievers Award – Roshnii
• Sarthak Naari Award-1000Petals & CNBC
• Inspiration Award – Britt World Wide

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