The Bionic Pop Star Rocks The World , Viktoria Modesta


Reads the disclaimer of the video song “The Prototype”, an acer in the chart busters these days. What makes the voice for the words of this song special is, she is the world’s first bionic pop star, VIKTORIA MODESTA who is  the face for Channel 4’s ‘BORN RISKY’ campaign.

Viktoria  hit the flash news lines in the entertainment world for her unique style of turning her weakness into her greatest strength . She amputated her left leg and underwent a prosthetic surgery and inserted electronic chip and codes into her limbs thus making her limbs ‘bionic’.

Born on the 25th of February in the year of 1987, she was born with a damaged left leg due to the medical negligence that occurred during her birth . Her childhood can be described with the adjectives like troublesome, struggling and haunting.  But like all other children ,  she too had her own set of goals and dreams for life and in order to accomplish them , Viktoria realized the first step , she needed to take was to take  break from the refraining society, so she fled to London at the early age of 14 . She was an individual who could never connect with the word ‘disabled’ or ‘handicapped’ , all she felt was uniqueness surge deep within her blood and nerves. People who knew her teen life have always described as a rebel free spirited dame, face for confidence and belief.

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When Viktoria fled from her school, her birth land, and the society had been cursing her till then , less did she know that she was stepping into a whole new phase of her life. She reached the underground subculture of England. But this brave heart staged her new circumstances as the base level stand for her to search within and discover her potentials amidst the folks and fantasies of the high town clubs and fashion streets.

Soon , Viktoria showed her excellence in her chosen field , the aesthetic eccentricity with her vivid and out of the box ideas, setting a beginning to her career in the field of modelling. When she realized that her livelihood was no longer her means to survive but had turned into her passion , she wanted to explore more. That is when , she decided to detach from the only hindrance between her and success was her dysfunctional limb. Then , she had 15 surgeries for medical rectification of her left leg and finally , underwent a surgery making her leg and some of her other parts of skin bionic .she collaborated with a few neuroscientists and coders as well as cloth designers for this transition. 3D printed nails, sensors on her wrist, triggered light and sound effects on her skin.

This is being displayed in her video song “the prototype ” which showcases her own lifetime struggles. 45 million pairs of eyes have witnessed her phenomenal transition turning her weaklings to her strength and signature style. This wonder woman has hence accomplished her visions of showing the world that she is no way less and if at all there is anything different about her that is her uniqueness and her outlook towards everything , also Viktoria has filled the gap between the pop and aesthetic eccentricity. Folks, it’s time we got some inspiration from this lady and chase our goals and dreams for life.

VamaIndia salutes the courage of this female !!

Written By : Anagha Nair

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