This Girl Was Stranded on a Delhi Street Post Midnight? . And Then 2 Cops Came Along!

It is a   nightmare  for every women – to be stuck somewhere in the middle of the night with no access to any immediate form of transportation back to safety.

This was the predicament that Delhi-based Priyanka Kamboj found herself in when her car broke down at 1.30 am due to a flat tyre. Even though she tried reaching out to a number of car service stations nearby, all of them either turned her down or tried exhorting her with exorbitant rates.

But that’s when Delhi’s ASI Om Prakash and ASI Daya Kishan came rolling in to rescue. They had been driving around the city in a Police Control Room Van and spotted her standing alone next to her car.

Not only did they immediately help fix her tyre, they also made sure she reached home safely once her car was fixed.

In the immediate aftermath, Priyanka took to Facebook to narrate her tale while also expressing her gratitude to the law enforcement officers. She said their actions actually restored her faith in humanity.


The post has since gone viral, with over 11,000 shares, 66,000 “Likes” and hundreds saluting the work done by two dedicated policemen of the Delhi Police Force.

Salute to Delhi Police and thanks to Priyanka fro sharing this incidence on social media !!Via


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