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The world is dual in nature. For every day there is a night, for every good there is bad, every black has a white, love has apathy, pleasure has pain, kind has cruel, happy has sad and so on. The same stands for the existence of a man and a woman. They are also a part of the dual nature of the cosmos. It’s always staring in our faces, the law of duality, which basically means that for everything existing there is a counterpart, complementing each other. Neither is suppose to prove his/her superiority over the other. Well, at least the universe intended it to be like that. Guess human species had other plans in mind? for instance being in a constant combat to protect the sanctity of  their respective gender. I wonder how it hasn’t been declared the national occupation by now ,as at the slightest of hint of danger to the gender demarcation our diligent torch bearers of both the genders pounce at each other guns blazing.                                                       

  • Well, I’m a female and how do I know it? Hello? I do know a little something about genitalia. Oops!? there….I said it. ( Dunno how many eyebrows I troubled by making them arch in disdain) . News flash- my sex doesn’t determine who I m. I know I’m gonna get a lot of ‘ what is she saying,must be mad ‘ . It’s okay guys, I know it sounds omnious. In truth, it’s my mind, my thought process ( I know it will take time to process it) that decides or rather reflects who I am. And MIND HAS NO GENDER. There are very few things governed by gender. Mostly and basically who you are, how you are, it’s all conceptualised in that walnut looking thing called your brain. And your mind has boundless potential of helping a person grow in whatever direction he or she intends. Damn! I burst this bubble of our samaj ke thekedars since they think they are the ones with potential of shaping the lives of all human beings. Well, my darling thekedars , men and women are physically different for sure(gotta give u that?) and thus since time immemorial they have been taught to think in accordance with their physicality or sex ( I don’t mean the act here?). Don’t know who the hell and and why the hell accepted n decided  over different set of rules and thought patterns for ones with a penis or ones with a vagina. God! How preposterous that sounds! You are a man…..think like this. You are a woman….think like that. I mean, seriously? Trust me guys, it was conspiracy by a primitive and mentally redundant lot to disrupt the natural order of the universe where both the genders are suppose to coexist harmoniously. Remember the British policy – divide and rule . Yeah, now u get it . This lot just got too inspired by it. Angrej chale gaye…..inhe chod gaye.
  • There actually isn’t suppose to be any debate over who is better ( though I never let an opportunity go by to let my darling husband know that I’m way cooler?). Well, I have always believed men and women to be unique in their own respective ways. They are both equally special with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each deserving of equal amount of dignity, respect and a place in society. Men and women are such gorgeous creations of the almighty born different in a beautiful way from each other to make their own kind of contributions to the world.
  • I know the feminine gender does receive undesirable treatment at a lot of places. But the point isn’t to prove that we are women that’s why need certain treatment, the point is to demand respect and fairness ( not the skin one, which also is demanded a lot) as a human being and not as a gender. No one irrespective of their gender deserves to be treated unjustly. So my angels, it’s your prerogative to have dignity and respect as any other human being, be it from a man or a woman. And lastly all the parents out there, teach your kids to be indifferent to the behavioural patterns that are gender oriented ( please make sure the patterns avoided aren’t physical, remember genitalia??) and have clean, fair and respectful thoughts about every other human being. To bring a change, work with the minds and rooftops won’t be needed to shout from.?

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