Neeta Helms’s , journey of Classical Movements

A premier concert touring company came into being in the year 1992. The founder of this brilliant venture- Classical Movements of Alexandria, Virginia in the USA, is Neeta Helms. Born to a musical family in New Delhi, India she is a pianist par excellence. Classical Movements works with Symphony Orchestras along with top conservatories, Community Youth Orchestras and National Youth Orchestras of many countries around the globe. Not only that but they hold a significant position in the choral world where they have everything from some of the most mellifluous boy choirs to choruses consisting of children as well as choruses which are larger in number and symphonic.neeta 2


Neeta Helms’ journey is applaudable. Her father was in the government service sector and a great lover of music. He played an important role in the Western classical movement in 1960’s and 1970’s. He was the secretary of Pranjoti chorus. The first tours in Europe were arranged by him. Her father was also the chairman of the Delhi School of Music. Her mother was a teacher at the prestigious Loreto Convent in New Delhi. She sang with the Pranjoti chorus. She even accompanied the musical troop to Europe in their first tour. Being born in an environment when her parents were musically inclined, it is not really surprising to assume that Neeta and her sister grew up listening to great musical compositions.

This commendable woman began to learn how to play the piano at the young age of 4 and gave her first public performance at the age of 5. She has sung in various choirs during the course of her life. She studied at Convent of Jesus and Mary from 1972 to 1977 where she had also been the editor of the school magazine. She has a B.Com Honours degree from the University of Delhi and also has an MBA specialising in Marketing as well as Finance. She lay the foundation of Classical Movements in 1992. Ever since then she has been building the superstructure into a ginormous music touring company which includes orchestras, choruses as well as bands. Before venturing into the musical tour companies business, she has held high positions in top ranking companies. Her career has been illustrious. She has held senior sales and marketing positions with the Taj Hotels- perhaps the most famous luxury hotel brand in India. Herself an avid traveller, she has set foot on over 80 countries and has made contacts all world over. Fluent in four languages including English, Hindi, German as well as French, Neeta is always up for a challenge. Perhaps that’s why after working for several years in Bombay she was sent to New York by the Tata Administrative Service.

neeta 3In an interview  she said, And that’s my passion – taking the world’s great artists to other parts of the world and sharing their music. She admitted in the interview that airlines are a difficult aspect to deal with. As a premier concert touring company, she are often implications as the airlines subject the company to according to their whims and fancies to natural, political, biological problems all over the world.

Neeta Helms is a woman of substance. Music and travel are her passions. Establishing a successful company she has never shied away from taking risks which have exciting implications for the company. Classical Movements have explored destinations all over the world. A mother to two boys, Remy and Maxim, this woman makes it look like magic – balancing home as well as work with ease. She loves spending time with friends and family. Reading books, solving puzzles and tending to her garden are activities that she enjoys as well.


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