“I am blessed to be born a girl!” says the proud feminine voice in me but at the same time my rationale knows that there are a few banes that tags along to the whole ‘BEING GIRL’ package. One of the major one of the sect is the mess and stress that compliments the monthly menstrual outflow. Dealing it at the very basic level itself can be quite a hurdle, imagine the difficulties if the cycle is in disorder? One such syndrome is PCOS which is the abbreviation for Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Though the name sounds mighty and scary but the syndrome itself isn’t. 1 out of 10 women are diagnosed with PCOS making it one of the most overlooked endocrine disorders.

From the technical aspect , PCOS doesn’t actually entirely deal with the ovaries. They occur due to a combination of genetic and environmental causes, revolving around the immature follicles that surround the ovary. The irregular pattern of increase and decrease in the number of follicles creates imbalance in the flow and circulation of female sex hormones i.e Androgen. Sadly it has no cure but on the contrary it has no fatal consequences either and can be managed with a little clinical assistance and a healthy life style.

Some of the problems that the sufferers undergo compasses:
1. Irregular, absenting or heavy bleeding during periods.
2. Anaemic condition due to the above given.
3. Insulin resistance
4. Obesity due to resistance of proper regulation of sugar and insulin inflow.
5. Wild mood swings
6. Panic and anxiety attacks
7. Sudden craving for certain food

The above given are the side dish served on the platter of the syndrome.

The optimistic side is that most of the remedial actions are easy and achievable, a few them are as follows:
The acer of the list is YOGA.
Followed by stratergic intake of calories
Say NO to coffee! (as this counters the regulatory functions of the endocrine system)
Diet complimentary vitamin D, calcium , magnesium, and chromium
Omega-3S supplements to be taken as they help in regulating the flow of androgen.
Counter act the insulin resistance by taking aamlas
Make a playlist of relaxing music and listen to it often.
Keep yourself busy with interaction
Last not but not the least, hirsutisim and spirondlactone treatments for acne and hairfall respectively (after all we are girls 🙂 )

So girls out there! Roll up your sleeves and lets clen up the mess and stack it up at the attic so that being a girl will never be a hindrance but a shiny tiara right at the top of our girl pony.

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