Noida girl Raksha Gopal tops CBSE 2017 with 99.6% by Moumita Sircar

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Sunday announced the result of class XII examination .All India pass percentage has gone down from 82% this year. 

CBSE class XII pass percentage dips Noida girl Raksha Gopal, tops with 99.6%. Scoring such whopping percentage which brought her to the first rank. Such brilliant result made Raksha Gopal and her parents proud.

As soon as the results were declared there was a huge line of reporters outside waiting to take her interview. The entire house is bustling with joy and happiness, its just when the result came out Raksha’s dream came true. She topped the county with a mind blowing marks of 99.6% . A humanities student of Noida’s Amity International School .Raksha is just not a book worm, she is a pianist who completed grade V in electric keyboard from Trinity College, London.Overall Raksha is in her academic fields as we as other activity fields. In simple we can call her as all rounder girl. Not just this. She scored 100 in 3 subjects, that is in English, Political Science and Economics. For such marvellous result and great victory she wants to give credit to her parents and also her teachers who guided her to the correct path. Yes, she knew she would score well in her exam but she did not expect that she will rank first in India. She wants to pursue Political Science in her college level.
As she smiles amid, the flashes of the media camera. 

The next brilliant girl ranked second with 99.4% Bhumi Sawant from DAV Chandigarh.

Bhumi Sawant could not control her happiness and was on cloud 9 for making her parents proud. She is equally happy for such percentage which she got. Being a Science student Bhumi was very serious with her studies. Ranking second in the country really proved how hard working Bhumi is. 

She wants to take up Computer Engineering in her college level.And yes dreams are yet to be fulfilled.
Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar spoke to toppers and congratulated them for their performance.
Both the jewel girl Raksha Gopal and Bhumi Sawant proved how can a girl achieve such spellbound performance in academic field, leaving behind a small messege for upcoming board students that Quality matters over Quantity, it does not matter if you study whole day, always study for short period but with dedication and full level of concentration. That’s the only key to success.
Celebration of success and such huge victory is still continuing at their home . Girls can prove their strength at any level and at all circumstances. 


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