The boss of country’s largest private sector Bank , Chanda Kochhar gets 15% hike in salary by Moumita Sircar

Chanda Kochhar, the head of country’s largest private sector lender ICICI bank drawn Rs 7.85 cr as total remuneration in 2016-2017, a jump over 64% from a year ago ICICI Bank MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar basic salary increased over 15% to Rs 2.67 cr during fiscal ended march 2017. Her cost to a company was Rs 2.18 lakh.

Kochhar total salary including, performance, bonus, allowances and perquisite, provident fund and gratuity fund increase 63% to Rs 7.83 cr in fiscal ended April 2017.

The sharp rise in Kochhar’s allowance and perquisites was because she chose to transfer the superannuation benefit and take it as taxable allowance this year itself, her contributions just to superannuation fund is for this year.
Kochhar has contend with the current bank of India’s banking system. The boss of the country now leading with the highest salary hike.
As compared to other lenders , Kochhar stands in the first position with such increase in salary. Being a woman she proved herself at her best level that finance is for women also. Leading a high profile with higher performance, making herself stand above all and as a successful lady as well. Her skills, talent, power brought such huge success in her career. From the very beginning till now, she is still bringing rising herself much high and above all.


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