Heather MC Gregor raised a point to increase the number of women employees in the Organisation By Moumita Sircar

Heather MC Gregor speaks about serious issue which women now a days face and their important role in a society as well as business field in an interview .

When Heather Mc Gregor started setting up the 30% club, which is a movement started by around a dozen of women in 2010. In UK 21 of the top 100 companies had no women at all on their boards and percentage of women were just 12%. In UK so called ‘developed market’ where women have had a vote since 1918 and where there was no legal barriers to enter into workplace, women still lag behind me. It sounds so weird actually.. Standing in the 21st of century the gender inequality is still practised in developed countries as well. It shocking as well as strange. Why such discrimination?
Heather states that It is crucial to increase Number of Women in organisation to prevent ‘group think’ on boards and within organization which leads to poor quality and not much challenging decision. They put in practise this belief at Edinburgh Business School as well where 50% of their senior leadership team are female. Gender balance should be maintain at a high scale. The 39% club originated in UK the companies extends across a globe in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, US, Ireland, Italy etc all worked towards same vision to increase gender balance at all level of organization.
Women make excellent excellent entrepreneur and business people as they have different perception of thinking and working. Women have great influence over how many is spent within a household. Even women plays major role in corporates as well. Women have the capability to be a perfect leader at any organization, their intellectual power is really commendable at a fields. Promoting new ideas, Giving new advice of production and other business activities can easily be handled by women.
From April 2017, employees in Great Britain with more than 250 staff will be required by the law to publish gender pay gap as well as gender bonus.

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