Cooking Job is a heavy duty task , Vicky Ratnani

Under the excellent leadership of Chairperson Ms. Minal Jain FLO Jaipur Chapter organised a culinary event with the most renowned celebrity chef – Vicky Ratnani whose wit and charm of the natural Indian spices is known all over the country.
Vicky Ratnani is not only a household name but a face that almost every urban Indian recognizes. He was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra and studied at Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at Mumbai itself. A well known famous chef of Mumbai is now a great celebrity. His show ‘Vicky Goes Veg’ was one of the most iconic show in the culinary space. What is interesting is that he is just as affable in person as he is on screen, with absolute no air around him.
His presence in the great FLO event made the event more spicy with a warm gesture, making it more excitable and create a delicious atmosphere as well.
In the month of International Yoga Day, Ms Jain added that having Vicky Ratnani a chef with wild and the most unique imagination of food, a gourment and connoisseur. This is only and the only best way to spread the message that Indian Food and Spices are best around the globe, their essence, their benefits to health, their food lifestyles are really marvellous in an era where everyone is highly dependent on junk food.
Vicky Ratnani shared his journey how it exactly started, with a major explosive of personality which definitely followed through a wonderful and commendable way of life. His wild imagination, sensitively layered with being excitable, entertaining, inviting and obviously devilish. His comfort with all things concerned with food brings even the most dull cooking experience to life . Dinner parties become excitable and lovely and picnics brunches become most unique and terrifying fun event.
Vicky Ratnani’s popularity has soon spread all over through the shows like:
• Vickypedia
• Gourmet Central
• Vicky Goes Veg
• Pressure Cooker and many more
He even launched his own book on vegetarian food. The book Vicky goes veg published by Harpet Collins, is available in all major book shops and online as well. The book won the Gourmand Award for best vegetarian Cook book 2015.
His food has got a very special taste and a unique flavour as well and this taste and delicious presentation was acquired from his abroad work. For Vicky its all about creating dreams and feeding the imagination. His brain storming imagination is implied over his food which makes him give the best.
Vicky Ratnani is a famous chef, TV host, successful businessman and author as well. Yes he indeed is a much talented man.
Vicky is now an independent consultant and is in the process of launching his own restaurant.
With the corporation of Ms Minal Jain, and obviously the celebrity chef made the event successful and beneficial as well.

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