Fashion is not only about glamour, Fashion can also be a serious career , Kamla Poddar

Kamla Poddar was born in Kolkata in a family with rather conservative beliefs. She got married into  family commitments rather early in life and could not pursue higher education.
In 1994 circumstances forced her to step out of home to support. She used to work in garment manufacturing unit, with a very few labour and staff.
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Later in 1999, she got a proposal from a renowned Fashion institute , she immediately accepted the proposal as because she always wanted to be in a fashion line and it can have a good future as well. Since , fashion is a growing industry and there were lack of professional, trained and skilled labour. So that made Kamla Poddar to start up with this business.
It is also said by Mrs Poddar that she faced a lot of challenges and even today she is facing challenges as well. When a person is not established he/she tends to take up various challenges.Running a fashion industry in  Rajasthan which is a conservative state for which she thought it might not be acceptable.
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According to people, Fashion means only glamour, so it was a challenge for Kamla because Fashion is not only about glamour, Fashion can also be a serious career and also a hardwork. She wanted to promote technical education not conventional. Being a lady entrepreneur it was difficult for Kamla to overcome problems. She faced many unhealthy competition. But she was strong enough to face it confidently.
Kamla Poddar runs an educational institute for Fashion, which educate many student about fashion knowledge, according to Mrs Poddar education is not a business, she need to run an institute bravely making herself updated with latest happenings about fashion world, education is a learning process it is must to bring up new ideas and also upgrade the teachers. As it is not a conventional education centre, so fashion always deals about technical experiments, practical works, it also conducts various orientation and programs such as: Fashion shows, Workshops, Practicals, Printing, Dyiny, Annual Exhibition, Design workshop, Lakme Fashion Week, Embroidery workshop and also conferences, market visit, market survey and many more.
Various events also takes place making the platform much more benifical for the students as well.
There are certain groups of Kamla Poddar Fashion Institute such as International Institute of Fashion Design academy and Poddar Institute of Informal Technology.
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Kamla Poddar being a women proved that if a women can manage a household then she can manage a business too. Today Kamla Poddar is an icon of education of women empowerment.
Kamla Poddar is a housewife, a business women, a brave women .Here , Kamla Poddar drops a short message for women saying that our society has changed, along with the tradition . If anything wrong is being done with us then we must speak up as we have the right to speak up. There should always be a question mark for each thing that is happening with us, we must overcome injustice and torture.
Kamla Poddar is a true inspiration for all the women, for fighting alone, supporting her family, and leaves a very heart touching message for all. We are proud of Kamla Poddar for being a successful women and a business women as well.



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