This visually impaired Indian woman Pranjal Patil cleared (UPSC) exam

Against all odds, Pranjal Patil  has cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam for the second time in a row and has also secured All India Rank (AIR) of 124.

For those of you are wondering what are the challenges this woman faced or the ‘odds’ she turned in her favour, she is a visually impaired student. She lost her eye sight at a tender age of 6.

  She had cleared the UPSC exam in 2016 and had bagged AIR 773 and was allotted the Indian Railway Accounts Service. “I had been planning to appear for the UPSC exams for a long time, but I started preparing for it in April 2015. Despite all my efforts, I ranked 773 in my first attempt, which disappointed me. So, this year I tried to crack the exams with renewed vigour. I’m aiming for IAS as I want to contribute to society in a significant manner.” She said, speaking to media.

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Pranjal graduated in Political Science from Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s College and Master of Arts in International relations from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). But studying wasn’t always easy for, being visually challenged, she had to face a number of hurdles.

“In my education technology played an important role. I got this software installed on my computer which would read out chapters from various books for me,” she said.

She also had to face the challenge of finding a writer to match her writing speed. Those who write the exam with the help of a writer get an hour extra for the same. 

“I had perfect tuning with Vidushi ( her writer). She would scold me if I slowed down in the exam. It was like I uttered a word and it was on paper” said Pranjal.

“My family has supported me through everything and encouraged me through the exams, too. My husband has also been a huge support. During my college days, I had to travel by train from Ulhasnagar to CST. While it was nerve-wracking, initially, it has become like a routine now.”

A living example of where there is a will there is a way, what a true inspiration!

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