Meet founder of urban ikheti , Priyanka Amar Shah

“Being different and thinking different makes a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable.” 

~ Suzy Kassem

Above mentioned quote is truly belonged to Priyanka Amar Shah , Who thinks differently and started the journey on the unexplored path and founded of urban ikheti .  Let’s hear from the woman who changed the mindset of the people about farming …..

Tell us something about yourself and your family?

I was born into a family that loves Animals and Nature. I have 6 pets (3 at my parents place and 3 at my husbands place) and a lot of frequent fosters.
Currently an Ecopreneur & Founder at urban ikheti. My family has been my biggest support when it comes to understanding my passion & love for animals & nature.
Have married my childhood friend Sharad who is as crazy & passionate about nature as I am  So its been in my destiny to be around people who love & live for nature.

Tell us something about your professional life?

– An MBA by qualification and an Ecopreneur by heart.
– Recently was invited as TEDx Speaker to talk on “Sustainable Urban Farming”
– Was selected for The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) by the U.S. Department of States. It is the States premier professional exchange program to nurture emerging leaders & to address global issues & challenges.
– Featured in a book: “Underage CEO’s” – Fascinating stories of Young Indian who have become entrepreneurs in their early twenties.
– Industry experience of 3 and a half years with Aspire Human Capital Management (IT Consultant), YES Bank & Dimensions Innovation Labs (Business Development Manger).
– Masters in Commerce & a Post Graduation degree in Business Design.

 You had a very good job , than why have you decided to quit and start your own business?

After 3 years in the IT industry I was sure I never wanted to do a job again. The main reason I joined the Business Design course at Welingkar cause I knew I wanted to start my own business hence the specialized course. But ever since Kheti has started it has never been a business venture for me. It’s just been a smooth transition to the next best thing, which is spreading my passion and my wings at the same time.

Please tell us more about your venture ” urban iKheti ” ?

iKheti is a social enterprise and was created to help individuals and communities to grow healthy consumable crops within their premises and to promote sustainable urban farming. Compost – Grow – Sow has been iKheti’s mantra.
It is a professionally managed service as compared to local nurseries, it is a one – stop shop for urban farmers & gardeners. We offer green consultancy along with all the raw materials/products required to set up an urban farm & maintenance/ Maali Services.

Where you see yourself 5 years down the line ?

My ultimate dream is as tall as the teak tree that stands tall and sturdy and as fragrant as the basil and mint leaves. We intend to green vamp premises right from your homes to your offices, right from your metro stations and its pillars to your railway stations. Green is the new rainbow. Ultimately I would to own a farmland, grow my veggies and have as many strays and animals as possible.

i kheti 1

Who is your inspiration to start “urban  iKheti “?

As a kid there used to be a cartoon called Jetsons on Cartoon network. Whenever I used to watch that cartoon I used to find it very uncomfortable cause it was a world full of robots & technology with no plants, trees, animals or nature. I never wanted to live in a world like that. That made me ponder & encouraged me to do something for the environment. My upbringing too has played a major role in selecting the path I am walking on today.

What are your hobbies?

I love animals!! They are my lifeline. So most of my day is spent with my pets & plants. I love learning about new plants & the way nature works. It’s a never-ending learning process. Cause Nature throws a new surprise at you everyday.
Apart from that I love to paint, listening to new 90’s music, making & trying out new desserts.

 According to you how important is Financial Independence for a woman?

In today’s world it is equally important as it is for a man. I started iKheti with my own savings. I could take this plunge/risk without any delay cause I was financially independent. Personally for me it has helped me live my dreams.

Message for aspiring women entrepreneurs??

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.” – Pursuit of Happyness



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