Meet Rekha Kakkar , a food blogger , Foodgrapher and founder of ‘My Tasty Curry’

She  lives in New Delhi ,  India and besides writing this blog she is  a commercial food photographer and a food consultant by profession.

She liked socializing and cooking at home, her friends loved what she cooked and always asked for recipes. One day, one of her friend suggested that she should start a blog of her own. That is how she became a blogger and through one platform, shared her recipes to a number of friends and family members. Slowly, she noticed that people had started liking her blogs and photography and her views had also increased. This gave her a big boost to take up blogging seriously and become a  ‘Foodgrapher’ 

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When asked about her photograph talents regarding food, she says, “Being a traveller all through my life, clicking photos and documenting my life has been a passion with me since childhood. As I progressed in life, other than documenting my life, travels and family journey through photos, food has somehow become a subject that is close to my heart. So when I started my food blog, I started to study various aspects of food photography and documenting what I cook pictorially has become kind of passion even they are phone pictures!”

She now owns a studio where she works from. She says that she likes to take pictures of her home cooked food in natural light so that people get a clear image of what the food should look like.

“Till now whatever I post on my blog is cooked and clicked at home just the way I serve it and the way my family loves it – so there’s none of the studio styling and lighting for that,” She said in an interview.

Lastly, she talks about blogging as the trend and says it’s a mere platform to share your ideas, viewpoints, stories and knowledge. She says that you must remain dedicated as building trust and readership takes time but what’s important is to stay dedicated.

Kudos to her hard work and dedication !!


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