Startup tips for women entrepreneurs

Written By – Mitali Merchant 


Women are often not considered as idealistic business leaders. However, women entrepreneurs are on roll and it seems nothing can stop them.

They have innovation, the right mindset and a strong belief system.

However, it is more challenging for a woman than it is for a man to make a mark in the startup world.

Here are a few tips for women entrepreneurs:

1)   That one great idea

We all are waiting for that one great idea to strike us and for us to start our own business. However, if we keep waiting, we’d be waiting forever. Hence, what’s important is to find your passion and recognize the same. You should know what you’re best at and must make constant efforts to embrace your talent.


2)   Hop into funding opportunities

With the Modi government bringing in the Startup India model, there are great funding opportunities offered by investors. It’s necessary for you to know your adequate capital requirements and put in the required amount only into the business. But also make sure you have proper track records of your investors.

3)   Networking

Having talent is never enough, you must pitch your voice to the correct audience. It is extremely vital for you to make your presence be felt. Hence, attend social events, socialize and work on branding. Social media is also a good platform to put an image of your product or service in the minds of people.

4)   Develop Management Skills

Be it time management, resource management or stress management, the stress should be on management. Great ideas may not come out to be that great if you lack management skills. So, brush ‘em skills up!

5)   Persistence

Now, persistence is the key and is one of the most important factors. The successful entrepreneurs that we see today did not achieve success overnight. It took them a lot of failures and disappointments to get where they are. Initial loss is not new, focus only on how to get ahead and do not look back.

6)   Believe in yourself

A strong entrepreneur would always prefer working for themselves and earning 50,000 a month than working for someone else and earning 50,000 a week. Hence keep your passion alive and your belief system strong. Stay motivated at all times.



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