Believe in yourself: A couple who tried to forget their own pain and ready to share others – Nisha and Shekhar Vijayan

Written  By – Mitali Merchant 

“Sometimes just the act of sharing the painful secret , can relieve some of the pain: Believe in Yourself”

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Believe in Yourself: We look for a shoulder to cry on whenever we are in pain and feel relieved after sharing that painful thought , but there are some people who don’t have this luxury .There is one couple  Nisha and Shekhar Vijayan who understood this and created a portal  “” on which anyone can share their painful secrets to get that relief . Let’s get to know from them only , Why they started this portal and how is the response so far ??


Tell us something about yourself and your family ?

I am banking professional who says, ‘ Believe in Yourself ‘ now based out of Bangalore. I have a mixed geographical upbringing, having lived in New Delhi and Chennai. I’m the elder of the two siblings, my sister is married and lives in America. My parents are retired bankers living in Coimbatore. I’m married to Shekhar Vijayan, an entertainer by profession, you can find him at

Tell us something about your professional life ?

I am Vice-President at the Investment Banking Technology Division of a foreign bank. I analyse and manage projects on new market and banking regulatory initiatives.

Where did the idea of starting “”come in ?

We were blessed with a baby girl last year. We had named her Akira because of her fighting spirit, as a premie she overcame all of her problems, however, destiny had other plans. During the worst time of our lives, we had the best support from our family, friends and our own inner ability to bring out as much positivity we can. We thought of the many people who are not blessed like us to handle troubled times. None of the hospitals in the city has Post Trauma depression counsellors. We wanted to bring a community together where you can talk about any sort of issues, it could be with your tragedy or something which is social. This idea also grew in understanding that there are people who are very creative however, they are not self starters to showcase their ability. We can bring all such people together in sharing and showcasing their talents by way of writing on topics of their choice, give video contents etc. We want to now extend a section to children who want to write and get published to a large audience via our website.We are also growing into a section to showcase photography, humour sketches etc.
How can one reach out and contribute to
You can email to, remember to send your profile picture and short bio of 30-40 words. You’ll be setup as a contributor and you’ll be ready to publish, the articles you write would be moderated before publishing. As a reader – you can subscribe to the activities on the website or you can also find them on

What was the response of the people when you started this portal ?

We’ve had extremely positive responses. Lot of people have contributed and expressed their inclination to write. They are also plenty who have reached out to their acquaintances to write and be part of this community. We’ve had a large number of subscribers interested in reading as they find the content very positive. We are sure that one would definitely find a section that would be of interest to them when they come to

What are your hobbies ?

I love music, I sing (trained in Carnatic music) and play the guitar. I’m an avid traveller, I plan, research and book our own customised holidays.

According to you how important is to share your grief with others ?

There is no right or wrong way of handling your grief. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief – some speak, some don’t, some channelize it into deriving energy and go on with their lives. It is important to ensure that one does not go the extreme way of harming themselves mentally and physically. There is no shame in seeking help and it is important to derive every little positivity from all scenarios in life to move on. You live your life not just for yourself but also for your loved ones, hence it is important to talk, share your mind with them.

Message for VamaIndia readers ??

Believe in yourself, your strength and have the right attitude to go about achieving your dreams and what you really want from deep within. Life is a mixed bag of all experiences & emotions so remember to have an open mind to accept whatever it throws at you. Never shy away from expressing yourself in whichever way – laugh or cry, you are your own master.


We salute the effort of this couple !!

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