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Written  By – Mitali Merchant 


Whatsapp group is in  the world travels the fastest on social media. Social media could be a bane or boon. For those who have set their minds on making big, try to make the best use of available . Similarly, 28 year old Soma Chatterjee who lives in a small town of Khorda in Bhubaneshwar could have never imagined that her business could spread across cities, even outside the country. The social media platform, WhatsApp actually empowered her economically and she eventually expanded her business. She is a school teacher and in her free time, she sells suits and sarees via her WhatsApp group.

Whatsapp group currently comprises 30 people belonging to different cities like Delhi, Bangalore and in West Bengal, among others. Moreover, it’s been just six months since I started this business. Every now and then, my friends introduce me to new members to whom my products can be sold,” Soma Chatterjee said in an interview.

Platforms like WhatsApp are constantly changing, and so it’s not something you can just put up and expect it to run itself. Continuing the conversation will help build relationships with your audience and your potential customers. So, Soma’s job does not only involve creating a group but she also has to make sure that the package reaches on time and she constantly asks her customers to review the product so that she could improve. She also keeps posting pictures in the group to keep her sales going.

“Whatever material I have, I click its pictures and post it in the group. If a person likes a product, she directly contacts me over phone and the deal is taken further,” Soma Chatterjee added.

Living a sedentary yet busy lifestyle, people are often looking for best quality at the best prices due to which, online stores are slowly taking over the retail. This, however gives tonnes of opportunities for people like Soma to make a mark with little resources and great talents. Therefore, we see more and more people are now taking business and social media marketing seriously.

Soma sends out a wonderful message that using social media in the right way could change your life for the better!

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