Meet Prachi S Vaish founder of a therapeutic network , The Hope Network

Written  By – Mitali Merchant 


Therapeutic network for many families in India, mental illness is often regarded as a shame although sometimes it runs in the family. When any of your organs don’t function well, we see a doctor, then why do we not do the same for our brain and its thoughts? Why do marriage proposals get rejected on hearing the words, ‘mental illness.’ Mental health is becoming a very important factor to live a healthy life and more and more people are trying to raise awareness.

Among one such person is Prachi S Vaish, founder of a therapeutic network, Hope. She got married to a helicopter pilot and would often be posted in remote areas. Although she started small, she built a business that she could take with her wherever she went. She never knew that she could be an entrepreneur. “I launched therapeutic to give out free advice to people seeking help,” but she received a great response due to which she went on to expand her business and now has a team of psychologists.

She has an M.Phil. degree in Clinical Psychology which is approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India. She is a qualified clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health and clinical Psychology.

 Therapeutic network- is a platform where people who require help could approach and the network would match the right people with the right therapist as a result, the client would get the best door step service. Prachi herself as practical experience of dealing with disorders like schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, and loss and bereavement.

She is keen on spreading awareness that sometimes, professional help could actually make life better and there is no absolutely any shame in doing so. She has also contributed to being a relationship consultant and expert for and has contributed over 70 articles at on relationships and psychological aspects of everyday life. In her counseling, she mainly focuses on relationships, emotional aspects of pregnancy and childbirth as well as recovery from traumatic experiences. She has also counseled many couples for premarital and post-marital issues.

When she is not at work, in her free time she indulges in writing about tips and things people could do to improve their lives by themselves.

We definitely need more people like Prachi to raise awareness on mental health. Hence, it’s time for a change, time to talk about what you’re going through because of your’e never alone.

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