Facebook – the new SOS call out , Leslie Kahn incident

Remember that time when the world hadn’t cuddled up with Facebook yet? Neither can we. Even though it hasn’t exactly been accounted for, but Facebook has largely been about creating an identity for yourself through uploading, liking, checking in and tagging. People do this as a means of self-expression wanting to make a statement about who they are.

Many use Facebook to reach out for validation and acceptance from society and often miss out on using the same medium to reach out to those who show love in times of trouble. However, there are still a bunch of them out there who’d simply like to keep in touch with their social circle through this medium, then take the burden of using the profile as their face on the web. So is the story of Leslie Kahn, a 61year-old woman, who ran out of means of help when stranded in her pool on a Friday. In this crisis, Facebook was her SOS. Kahn is also a breast cancer survivor.

The old woman from the US state of New Hampshire, who got stuck in the pool for nearly 3 hours, used this social medium for her rescue. She was at the end of a swim in her backyard pool when the step ladder she used broke, leaving her stranded. Without neighbors within earshot or her cell phone, Kahn was helpless.

She had no way to hoist herself up and out of the water. And then the idea struck her, to use the swimming pool pole and technology for her help. She reached for the pole and used it to drag the chair on which her iPad sat. Without delay, she logged onto Facebook and posted an SOS message on a group called “Epping Squawks”. Her virtual community responded within minutes and acted as 911 services.

Once help had arrived from the neighborhood, she immediately updated her town’s Facebook page comprising of 3,981 members. Ms. Kahn felt content to have been able to put such a huge amount of trust and says her communities reaction was encouraging.

Her wise words were,

“You get through whatever life throws at you, and you ask for help”

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