15 Fashion Tips for Curvaceous Women!

So you don’t have the perfect figure; big deal! There are plenty of ways to look gorgeous and make your curves work for you. These 15 fashion tips will help you rock that curvy figure harder than rock stars rock packed stadiums.

  1. Sometimes hiding the belly can be counter-productive because you end up wearing something really loose and unflattering. Realign your focus to wear what makes you happy, not what hides the belly.
  2. To look fashionable on the outside it is essential you look great on the inside. Buy proper undergarments and you’ve won half the battle.
  3. It is also essential that you invest some money in tights, leggings, tees and tanks which can be worn beneath everything.
  4. Remember that sizes are barely ever consistent across brands. So, make sure you try different sizes before you settle on anything.
  5. Make it a point to identify what body shape you have before you go shopping. This will definitely help you flatter your figure.
  6. Invest in some classy crop tops. Though common perception suggests otherwise, the truth is that these are great clothes for curvy women because they naturally look way better on full figures.
  7. Thigh-highs and knee-highs are great styles for curvy women because they make the legs look longer. Definitely a must-have!
  8. Avoid buying clothes that are oversized in an attempt to conceal your curves. You may end up looking bigger than you are.
  9. Do not over-accessorize just to feel beautiful. Opt instead for outsized prints!
  10. Certain fabrics work better for curvaceous figures and others absolutely don’t. Know which ones best suit your figure!
  11. There’s no harm or shame in getting your clothes professionally tailored to fit you perfectly. In fact, do it as often as possible.
  12. Wide belts are really useful in hiding any tailoring faux pas.
  13. When in doubt blindly wear fit and flare dresses; they suit every body type.
  14. Don’t try to conform or rebel against stereotypes; just wear what makes you feel awesome.
  15. While black is good to create a slimming effect that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with some color and looking lively!

Source: www.rewardme.in

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