Feminist books by brilliant writers

Feminism is a movement which was started by women to demand gender equality and put an end to the atrocities committed against women because of patriarchy. It has become a famous word now, but many people still don’t know the actual meaning of the word, the history of it’s origin, and the struggle our female ancestors had to go through to bring the movement into mainstream politics. Reading always helps you. So, I with vamaindia present you with a list of feminist books written by brilliant writers, so that you can get inspired,  get impassioned, get angry, understand the nuances of the grave issue of gender inequality and also make your contribution to change the world.
Here we go —
A Kenyan-born, Somali poet Warsan often sprinkles her own life experiences into her beautiful, sensual, conversational poetry. A brilliant poet through and through, she won’t let you read her poetry with a cold heart, you’d be crying by the end of it. The legion of words she weaves will touch your heart, and the beauty of the poem will often squeeze your breath.

2) ALL THE LIVES I WANT by Alana Massey
Alana uses famous pop-culture figures – from Scarlett Johansson to Anna Nicole Smith – to find her way for understanding the universal issues of gender inequality, the subvertive stereotypes, the subjugation of the female gender, etc. She writes a series of sharp, wise and relatable essays which will make you think about how the patriarchal system has so successfully undermined you all your life.

This primer for the modern day, intersectional feminism begins with a simple proclamation: “Simply put, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” The book, for a change, talks about how patriarchy not only affects women but also affects men. It makes you understand that patriarchy, intrinsically, has been benefitting no one, and feminism is what the modern world needs to progress.

4) MEN EXPLAIN THINGS TO ME by Rebecca Solnit
The term “mansplaining” is trending a lot, but do you know where it comes from? From Rebacca’s book’s first essay itself! The term is used to describe when a man tries to explain something which is related to a woman, eg., a man trying to explain how period cramps feel (so lame, why do you even try?). The book takes a humorous approach to explain the power dynamics which are clearly visible in the conversations between men and women, while also discussing domestic abuse and the mounds of pending work that still has to be done in the women’s rights movement.

5) A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN by Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf is one of the most celebrated feminist writers in the literary world. The plot of the book is simple: Woolf explores the history of roles of women in literature, but the implications of the plot is broader. The most famous segment of the book is where Woolf picturizes Judith (Shakespeare’s sister), who was turned away from pursuing her literature dreams to walk on a conventional path. She leads you to through her arguments and then finally, you step into her circle of profound climax which shocks and delights you.

The list is with you, the knowledge is in the books, so, I hope you’d be buying them or borrowing them to gain the knowledge of a movement that is affecting all of us. Since, you are here, searching for such books to read, you are on your way to gaining excellent knowledge, kudos to you for it!

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