A revolutionary entrepreneur helping the visually impaired to- Upasana Makati

By Eesha

“Be the change you want to see”
Mahatma Gandhi rightly said “You must be the change you want to see in the  world”.

While we all want to see the world change for better, there are a very few people who really act upon it. Upasana Makati is one those rare souls who made it her life’s goal to be the change she wanted to see.
The 25-year- old was working with a PR firm in Mumbai after completing her studies in Communication from University of Ottawa, Canada. It suddenly struck her the amount of magazines available for visually impaired people. Much to her surprise, there were none. This led to quitting her first job in 2012 to ensure that the blind in India have something to read in Braille English.
By May 2013, Makati single handedly wrote and curated White Print magazine –India’s first lifestyle magazine for the visually impaired. It was started to build a readership of enthusiastic individuals who would look beyond the realms of mere news as reading material. She became the founder, editor, publisher and owner of it. White Print got highlighted very quickly and was soon adored by everybody.
She’s often asked questions like “Why do you do this for us?” or “Are you blind?” It was her calling, she explains.

BrailleShe began to wonder on how somebody’s day started who was unable to see. And that’s what pushed her to open new doors for the visually impaired.
White Print is tied up with Radio City to promote the magazine on air. Radio is one of the valued mediums to distribute information and entertainment. The magazine is also present on social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to a larger audience. On the whole, White Print is available for any sort of audience to read. It is also not a charity venture. In fact, Makati questions the need for unnecessary belittling and donations.

Upasana Makati believes that visually impaired population is as talented as any sighted individual. Her sincere dedication and hard work has got her credits for initiating this argument in Indian domain. White Print has also taken up the initiative of promoting Braille literacy.
This one woman army has taken the first step and brought in a revolutionary change. One that not only gives more power to mind than body, but also acknowledges every person as an equal.

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