Questions every bride to be have on mind while visiting matrimony site

As we recover from the demonetization blues of 2016, the stage is set for the Shaadi season!

The sight of a fantastical banquet with every kind of dish and numerous desserts is the primary attraction for most guests. On the other hand, some merely use the ceremony to dress up in elaborate gear and join the fashion parade!

The 21st century has modernized may a traditional concept. Marriage is not spared either.  From dating apps like Tinder to matrimonial websites, Indians have acquired a taste for all. “Digitalisation” has ushered in a stream of changes. The traditional concept of arranged marriage has found an online presence, too! Although Desi parents would give this a big “thumbs up”, a modern day Indian girl surely knows the downside. Here is a listicle of the pertinent questions bugging a tech savvy bride to be looking for her Prince Charming online!

Is he genuine? Is he authentic and true, really looking for a loving and meaningful relationship or is he merely leading me on to massage his ego?

And if it is him – a good looking and smart man…..Why is he still single? If he is as hunky handsome in real life, why can’t he find a match offline?

A smooth talking, good looking and charming man… Is he a Casanova?

Is he serious about taking nuptial vows and sticking by them? Are these numerous interactions going to materialize into a serious relationship or is it going to fizzle out like a soft drink exposed to air?

What if he is a Mumma’s boy?

Good family background? Check.

Common interests? Check.

Similar beliefs and value? Check!

But is he a mature man willing to take responsibility or a spoil t, overgrown brat?

If you have dodged all the bullets and somehow manage to get this far with him, this ominous question comes up…

Is he good in bed? Would he be able to satisfy my desires? Would I be able to satisfy his?

Is he a playboy with a wandering eye? Will he cheat on me?

Does he want to start a family as soon as he marries me? Or… will we take it slow, giving consideration to my career? Hold up! Does he even want children?

Given that your future husband passes the test so far with flying colors, another challenging question is bound to frighten you… Will he be a caring partner, sharing household and financial responsibilities with me in an equal manner? Or will he leave me doing household chores all day, disregarding it as women’s work? What if he turns out to be a loser who doesn’t even go to work, leaving me to be the breadwinner and homemaker as well?

Gals don’t you have or had these questions before marriage ??

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