By Harshika Kapoor
Europeans have given us many fashion fads but the most popular one among the ladies is the High Heels fashion fad. Even though they have been considered a health hazard, women have not been able to let go of them. There are heels for every occasion — formal, casual, wedding, shopping spree, a date, parties — you have a different category of heel to wear.

The discomfort hardly matters to most ladies when their legs look slimmer, carves appear toned and sexy, with their posture more poised, and their style becomes more glamorous.

So, saying no to them is hard. Extra oomph is best experienced when you also able to walk in the heels you have chosen to wear. For all the crazy heel fans, here is a list of heels you can buy easily.
1) Stilettos

Stiletto means a “small metal dagger”, and it is rightly so. With a slim, long heel which is sexy, scary, dark and fatal, the stilettos are the toughest and highest of all the heels. It comes at the top of the heel paradigm. As we all know, practice makes a being perfect, hence, be sure to practice walking with the heels on before going out to a party or any other occasion. It would be better if you avoid wearing these long “daggers” if you are going to be on your toes all day.
2) Evening Sandals

Evening Sandals
With a moderate or small heel, these heel-sandals go perfectly with a formal function attire. You can pair them with your blue denim jeans, a floral dress or a plain one, anything casual. The sandals will surely give you confidence in your casual attire. These sandals are comfortable and won’t force you to sit or distract you from conversations because the pain is too much to bear.
3) Wedge Heels

Wedged Heels
These heels are a combination of comfort and style hiding under the garb of “heels”. For a heel-wearing-beginner, wedged heels are a good start to their journey. They have a greater surface area touching the floor and hence, provide maximum support, which eventually reduces foor and ankle problems. Wedged heels can be worn casually, formally or in a party.
4) Pumps

These provide you with additional height as it has a sort-of-heel at the toe area, in addition to the heels. It is lightweight, with a closed back and is very easy to slip into. You can wear it all day minus the extreme discomfort you’d feel wearing the dreaded stiletto. You can team it with ankle length jeans and a shirt, or with a flowy knee length dress, the choice is yours. The pumps will definitely complement the attire you choose to wear.
5) Platform Heels

Platform Heels
These have recently come back in vogue and for right reasons. It comfortable, it is fashionable, it’s like the PJs of heel world. Since it raises the entire foot and not just the heel of the foot, they are like the “shopping shoes”, just sexier. There are platform boots, sandals, slippers, etc. — you can choose whichever ones you like.

Ladies and trans-ladies, step into the World Of Heels and find your match as soon as possible. After all, what else will you wear with that plunging, strappy, little black dress that has been dying to get out of your wardrobe and see the dancing lights of a club?

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