Which was more poisonous? The snake or the relationship?Uthara Snakebite Case! VamaIndia

     Marriage is said to be a mutual understanding between two people who agree to live their lives from then supporting and caring for each other. Uthara a 25-year-old girl, mother of a one-year-old had similar ambitions when her parents married her off to Sooraj two years ago. Uthara was bitten twice by two different snakes one after another both at her husband’s and her parents’ house. Did the snakes have anything against her or was it someone even more poisonous.

     The woman’s parents alleged foul play after she died of snakebite on May 7 at her parents’ home at Anchal in Kollam district, where she was recuperating from an earlier snakebite. She was first bitten by a snake on March 2 at her husband’s home and was under treatment when another snake took her life. She was first bitten by a viper and then a cobra, and her husband Sooraj was present on both occasions. Following her death, Uthra’s parents filed a case with the District Police Chief (Kollam Rural). They said it was impossible for the snake to enter a closed, air-conditioned room with a tiled floor and that Sooraj had planted the snake inside when his first attempt failed. Sooraj had reportedly removed Uthra’s gold from the bank locker on March 2, the day she was first bitten by a snake. Her parents also alleged that Uthra had been facing dowry harassment and that she was murdered for her gold and property.

     As brutal and coldblooded it is Uthara’s case is not one of a kind, she isn’t the only women who suffer at their husband’s house due to dowry issues. Though the system of dowry is banned in the nation the system still exists in many different forms. Many families still consider the amount of dowry given to be something that affects their prestige. That’s not all the groom’s family demands huge amounts to marry the girl which often leads to similar incidents. Parents’ should be aware of such social demons and make sure these greed-driven people are brought before justice. Indian society must develop enough to encourage marriage between people who love each other rather than following unethical and unscientific norms of dowry, caste, and religion. Also, it’s the responsibility of the parents to accept if two people who were married if seems not appropriate for each other demands legal divorce to end a relationship. Our daughters should be encouraged to live independently. After all, a Divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter and every strong, bold, and independent daughter is always an asset to the nation.

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