Vijaylakshmi Sharma recognised among the five others for ‘Invincible Indians: Stories that Invoke Pride Everyday’ the initiative of the Bajaj Auto

Bajaj V, the bike that contains the metal of the invincible INS Vikrant, today launched a new initiative titled ‘Invincible Indians: Stories that Invoke Pride Everyday’. This is an initiative to uncover stories of ordinary Indians who by dint of their resolve and determination perform extraordinary acts in the service of society. These are acts that happen all around us, yet go unnoticed. Acts that are so powerful and selfless that every Indian’s heart will swell up with pride. The initiative also calls upon the public to identify and recommend other such Invincible Indians.

Vijalakshmi Sharma is recognised for leading a movement to eradicate child marriages in villages in Rajasthan.

Other people who recognised are : Mr. Omkar Nath Sharma, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (Managing Director of Bajaj Auto), Mr. Karimul Haque, Mr. Abhinav Bindra (India’s first individual Olympic Gold Medalist), Mr. Bipin Ganatra, Mr. Chewang Norphel and Mr. Eric Vas (President – Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto)

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