Fashion Designer who made her statement Globally with her amazing designs and exhaustive Elite client List – Asha Bansal

Born amongst the glitz and glamour , being the daughter of the awesome rich and colorful film distributor and exhibitor Seth Kedarnath Bansal . Her mother the epitome of charm and elegance in her french chiffon’s and solitaires of course chosen by her father whose aesthetic sense and style was huge and classy.
He had in those days a mansion for them or should we say because of the fascination of her mother towards garden her father decided to give an acre for gardening and he hired the German architect ” Heinz ” to design his house in civil lines New Delhi which was proudly called as ” Bansal House “ . Her mothers garden was myriad of colors , that is where color co-ordination sense imbibed in her work.
It was religion for all the film stars of those years to stay with us during their transitions.This background we are divulging to you to understand where the style , color coordination and silhouette come naturally to her.
Her schooling was from “Presentation Convent “surrounded by “Irish Nuns” and college was done from “Lady Shriram College” from University of Delhi.
When the journey started was with the death of her mother in her early teens. The elder sisters were married so , at that tender age she took the responsibility of being her father’s hostess.
From that glossy , glamorous young hostess became a fashion icon herself.This continues with all the actresses asking her to share her wardrobe of what she wore.She was dabbling at designing her own clothes for her whim and fancy.
It was when her Dad’s a huge health set back , she saw the seriousness of plunging into work. From a gracious young lady of leisure she took to Fashion Designing as career. That was Destined.

She did a collection of beaded garments very western in concept , took a experimental trip to Rome ..”May be it was beginners luck” She finished selling her stock on ” Via Veneto “ which is the label of the most expensive Fashionista

Coming back to India she started creating the stuff again , having got the pulse of European market , which is very refined yet colorful . It was very encouraging to be accepted so diligently at a glance.She rolled her company ” Shair ” and let the cash registers ring.
Next was Milan , NewYork , Dallas , Los Angles , San Fransisco and her favorite Rome.
The market in India at that point in time was getting ready for retail.She seized that opportunity and started a line of Chikan Kari supplying to the buzzing stone.
Her own studio was also functioning good too .Though she only deals with appointments. Her client list is exhaustive and she enjoys to deal with them.

Her first Fashion show in India was in ” Hotel Ashoka ” in Delhi which she dedicated to her mother.She was highly applauded for it. The same collection specially the ” Baby Doll” look in Churidar was also exhibited in Dubai in a Standalone exhibition showcased be her friend Jayna Lakhyani It was a quick sell out.
Next she exhibited in Spain where Bharti Ahuja organised it . ” What surprised her the most , when renowned Spanish Designers picked up the embroided Indian Sarees ”
In India she has participated in ” Bridal Asia ” , ” The Femina Show ” at the JW Mariott and “World Trade Center” the follow up was amazing.

After the recession hit the western countries she started localizing her garment lane . It was a cakewalk earlier but now she is standing in competition. She says ;
” I survived yes I did.I stepped aggressively in Indo western look and the kurties which had become a rage. Being always ahead of time , I knew that the western look so well adapted to the Indian bodies , fabrics and psyche of new evolving day of this game . It was not easy to keep ahead , it is harder. Fashion’s are changing rapidly and you have to move faster.”

When asked how she deals with her clients ?

I diligently kept my rich , famous and glamorous clients happy.They lapped it up , some were easy some needs convincing.Once they wore the new look they wanted six of the same style.

When asked , what position her work holds in her life ?
She answered with a big smile – “My work is my life , I cannot imagine my life without playing with fabric , style , color and silhouettes. Its challenging that is more motivating.

My label “Asha Bansal “ is just not restricted to women , I have male clients as well who knows how to dress with Panache. She adds

What is the most difficult part of your work ?

The most difficult part is to dress one steady high profile client , each outfit has to have a different character , not to look jaded and repetitive.

Message for the readers ” Just look good and confident , March ahead you are as good or better then the others “

We wish all the best to this hardworking and successful Lady.

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