Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

“When not you but career itself chooses you ” – Mrinalini Singh Hudda

How do you become who you are? is it only choices that decide the trajectory of your life or is it some experiences that define the path? Most of us decide their career or profession based on their talents, interests or passion. But there are some for whom the experiences in life shape their destiny.

 Mrinalini singh, a blogger, a soft skills and language trainer, a life coach, is one of those. 

Funnily, she never thought she will be any of these things. She wanted to be a dancer. She couldn’t and somehow she doesn’t regret it today.  

Mrinalini has done her schooling from Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani and held all the most coveted positions during the time there. The time period saw her bagging innumerable  first prizes in debates, dance, sports. 

Mrinalini ‘s educational qualification is BA.LLB. She is a Delhi university graduate. During her college time she had several awards for her talent in co-curricular activities. She was applauded and sought after by her teachers for taking her college to a higher level in co- curricular activities. 

She is married to Rahul singh, an active politician and herself has held the post of block pramukh at the young of 24, post marriage. 


Mrinalini’s choice of career comes from a condition that her mother suffered from Mrinalini’s young age. Her mother was an on and off depression patient which made her deal with it head on as there wasn’t any other choice. The turbulence made her more resilient than ever to protect her family specially her siblings emotionally. Her exterior was always a facade put up which no one could see through. Nobody around her knew what she was going through and how she was holding the fort. She slowly became strong and compassionate enough to help those who were in a dark place while at the same time healing her own self.  

Then at the age of 35, she had this realization that like her there must be so many who struggled or are struggling emotionally and feel lonely in the darkness. her journey made her understand the importance of someone holding your hand through a tough time. She, then decided to help other’s fight their battles and step out in the light. She is no psychiatrist but has learnt enough about relationships and ups and downs of human emotions. So, how would she help others out there? Mrinalini finally decided to be a life coach or a change agent, which is like  a friend, a friend who has no baggage or history with the other person and that is why can help with an objective view. 

Mrinalini says, “In our society, it has always been a taboo, seeking help from a psychologist because as per proverbial view, only people with mental illness visit a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is a stigma. And the truth is that each one of us struggle with emotional, mental or psychological issues but we are brought up in a  society where we are not allowed to talk about our issues in depth. We are asked to be okay with them and keep going without realizing how much damage it does the emotional health of a human being. So, because of this attitude we sometimes do not even talk to family and friends forget going to a psychologist. Here comes thankfully a life coach or a change agent, someone who has no history with you. You could talk without the fear of being judged and the security of your issues is guaranteed”.



Mrinalini currently is training foreign  nationals who are government officials ( from age groups of 20years to 60years) and also takes private clients. Soon, she will be launching her own website which would help anyone to contact her and seek her help.



In words of her trainees,” Mrinalini ma’am is not just a coach or a trainer, she is someone who taught us about life and relationships. It was so easy to connect with her as she was always there to help us and guide us through. We will never be able to forget her”.

When asked , if one day it would get too much helping others deal with pain, she said,  “Pain is as much a part of our lives as any other emotion and we are taught to either suppress it or put it in a box and keep it in a corner. We need to face it, stare it in the eyes and get over it which will make us stronger every time. I chose to do this because there isn’t a bigger high than making someone feel that they are not alone in their pain, their problems, that they will overcome, that they just need to keep going and then seeing them actually emerge victorious. So, no, it would never get too much for me as i know the importance of this one sentence, “keep going. It will get better. You are not alone in this”. This one gesture could help someone  not give up.

VamaIndia wishes all the best to Mrinalini Singh for her future endeavors:)

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