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I recently stumbled upon a write up that had the woes of motherhood and an idea that motherhood is  a bitch. The write up had a big response in comments from other women agreeing. I was a little perplexed as I hold a totally different opinion. 

I am not judgmental while writing this as we all are different and I believe we all have our own rights and wrongs, blacks and whites, the good and the bad. It’s just that the emotion about the woes of motherhood was so strong ( I have no doubts here about the love these women have for their kids) that I felt compelled to write about how despite all the pain and trouble and headaches, motherhood is an extremely beautiful and fulfilling experience.

I had my son at he age of 24. It was planned as we wanted to have a relationship with our kid where age doesn’t become too much of the downside in terms of our friendship with our kid.

Like everyone else, it wasn’t easy. In fact, I had a pretty tough pre pregnancy and post pregnancy time. Like all other mothers, sleepless nights, groggy days, aches all over and no time for myself.

It happens to all of us and we hear some vehement complaints  a lot these days which comes from women of both kinds, stay at home moms and go to offices moms. 

Yes, motherhood is tough, drains you sometimes, engulfs all your time, is erratic, has its own idiosyncrasies. You got to wake up at odd hours, feed the baby, change diapers and with physical growth keep training the baby as per the needs. I have a few questions here.

1. Do you think the kid can do all this himself/herself but still makes you take care of himself?

2. Did the kid ask you to conceive him?

3. Have you done some favour to the kid by bringing him the in this world by your own accord?

4. Did you think that bringing up a kid would be cakewalk despite seeing babies all around with friends, relatives?

Almost all of us want kids. We bring them in this world of our will. They are so dependent, so vulnerable after birth. Since we are the reason they are born, it’s our duty, we owe it to them to make sure they receive all the care without any negativity. 

“I need a break form that kid”. Heard it way too many times. Yes, we all need time to convalesce from the enervation caused by taking care of another human being who is literally dependent on us for everything. But your kid isn’t a job or a relationship you can take a break from. He/she is someone who will become whole because of you. You are creating a human being here.  The enormity of the process and it’s value cannot be underplayed.

At times, when I read or hear about why specially motherhood is a ‘bitch’, I wonder, if you can stay up late for partying, catch early morning flights for a meeting and that doesn’t really bother you so much, then why being there for your own kid, someone you created, at odd hours is so bothersome?

Your professional and social life doesn’t hug you out of pure love for you, doesn’t have  twinkle in their eyes seeing your face, doesn’t try to soothe you when you look tired or upset and lastly, for your professional and social life, you are not the most special, most beautiful and most important person in the whole wide world.

The only person in the world for whom you are all of the above is your child. The love a child and a mother feel for each other is at the purest form that there is. It is the most amazing bond in the world. It adds an inexplicable strength, satisfaction, security to us women. A child opens us to a whole new world of self discovery, where we come face to face with our hidden or dormant strength to not give up in a difficult situation and create another human being who would grow up to be a worthy person.

To sign off, motherhood despite the trials and the tribulations, is pure magic, pure bliss. We don’t do the child a favour by bringing him into the world, we do ourselves one because having a child changes us into a better human beings and takes us to new heights of our human capabilities.

Becoming a mother is an experience to cherish, to soak, to enjoy and not everyone is lucky to have it, so, cherish it while you can.Source :


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