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This little girl has done so much so far – Avantika Singhal

Since the beginning of time, Avantika Singhal from Jaipur, India had been enamored with writing stories, poems and what the act represents. With her parents being a continual pillar of support and inspiration, Avantika has thrived as a writer and poetess over the years.

She is nineteen and she is filled to the brim with writing assignments. She has been a blogger on Jaipur Women Blog for the past two years. Recently, she was also invited to study Creative Writing at Oxford University by Oxford Summer Courses in July, 2016. She is also responsible for synthesizing many study guides by being in collaboration with Indian International Model United Nations.

She has also managed to represent India as a delegate in a MUN held in Istanbul, Turkey. Furthermore, she was also handed with warm approbations for her propriety in Singapore Exchange in 2014.  Her poetry has been published in renowned literary magazines online like Writer’s Asylum, Red Fez, Spill words and Textploit, of course.

Her school life was excruciatingly painful for she was devoid of trustful companions to help her get through her minor shortcomings. However, she rose like a phoenix from the ashes and was always aided by her pragmatic and lovely mother, Mrs. Renu Singhal.

She is suave, polite and considerate. She aims to make a positive and powerful impact by her words and the emotions that seep through them.

She has climbed a figurative and wobbly ladder of self improvement over the years. Earlier, she was shy and hesitant. Now, striking conversation with new people and making alliances is one of her most favorites things to do.


Even in school when students were forming plans to hang out after school, Avantika could be seen parading around-writing reports for the competitions she had been to, writing debates, working in the Editorial Board and participating in Model United Nations as well. Her limitless love for writing has also led her to chair a committee called International Press in many Model United Nations.

She may have a hummock of poetry lying around written solely by her in the past two years but she is absolutely against the idea of getting published by paying money to publishers. She aspires to get published by people who swim in pools of exultation after reading her words and not demand a penny to have her work exhibited to the world.

She believes in the mantra of killing with kindness and hopes that she can be a promising role model and a young counselor to those in dire need of advice on absolutely anything.

She will now be pursing English Literature and History from Trinity College, Dublin from September, 2017.

She also runs her own poetry blog. You can visit it here.

Avantika Singhal /timidandvivid

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