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This write up comes from a realisation that happened in a fraction of a minute and it was  so compelling that I had to talk about it. The realisation that feminism is considered to be only for a victim.

I always avoid reading the newspaper because of the disturbing stuff they have about crimes happening around. I get it, it’s important to create awareness about what is happening and that it could happen to anyone. But the fact that most crimes that get highlighted in the papers are subjected to women, isn’t a very nice way to start your day.

Diverting slightly from the continuity of the crime part( well! the crime part in the newspapers only brought about the realisation I had), let’s talk a bit about feminism. What does it mean? Feminism is a theory that states  existence and practice of equal rights for men and women. Well! It’s obviously more than that as existence of women as human, as an individual needs to be recognised and this existence needs to flourish without being thwarted by the opposite or  the same sex.

It might occur to some that, this isn’t true. Women do have an equal say or position in society, they do go about their lives as they please. Agreed. But how much is that percentage? 

I and other women, who are blessed to have a way of existence of our choice, who have been privileged with good environment and resources are often looked at with disdain, if we talk about feminism. Such women are told, they at least shouldn’t talk about feminism, as they aren’t victims of anything. Such women, when raise their voice about the unfair treatment of women all around, are mocked at. People say, these women have good, comfortable lifestyles, they have no idea about the horrors of ill treatment of other women.

That exactly is the point I want to make today on behalf of all the “privileged women”. Does everyone think that only women who are victims of a patriarchal mindset, can talk about feminism? Well! Feminism is not just about what happens to one woman. It’s about what happens to any woman anywhere, irrespective of which part of the world she comes from. Every time a woman is subjected to inequity or cruelty, it angers or disturbs every other woman, specially crimes like rapes, physical, emotional torture not just by strangers but by own family members, in some instances.

And yes, we do agree that there is a certain section of women, who also have a patriarchal mindset and believe that women aren’t suppose to be equal or that they are born to serve. SO, FEMINISM IS NOT AGAINST MEN IN PARTICULAR, IT IS AGAIST THE MINDSET THAT DOES NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE A PERSON OF THEIR CHOICE, DOESN’T ALLOW THEM TO ENJOY THE RIGHT OF RESPECTFUL AND EQUAL EXISTENCE, BESTOWED UPON THEM BY NATURE ITSELF. Women create and nurture life, the most empowering and beautiful gift by nature. I say empowering, because the physical, emotional and mental strength that is required to create and nurture life, is staggering.

So, next time you meet a woman who you think, shouldn’t be talking about feminism, just because she seems privileged, think again. What she means is that every woman deserves to be privileged, to flourish as an individual, to be able to make her own choices and just because one woman has all of the above, it doesn’t mean she cannot feel for other women and raise concern about it. FEMINISM IS NOT JUST FOR THE VICTIMS. Anybody can stand for an equal and just treatment of women in our society, be it a man or a woman, irrespective of their background or financial status.

To sign off, let me just say, feminism is just an assertion of something that women deserve naturally, legally and morally. Of course, its’s sad that they have to fight for what is their’s, what they should have, but that’s the reality of a lot of women and anyone has the right to support them in their struggle. Source : https://agedyetraw.com

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