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Vanika Choudhary left full time corporate job to provide 100% gluten Free menu at Sequel Bistro , Bandra (Mumbai)

After taking six months break in her Corporate job in 2015 , Vanika Choudhary decided to do something different and she left the job.Less than a year later and Vanika is the face behind Sequel Bistro, an all-day, healthy dining experience located in Bandra.
Vanika wanted to share the recipes she had been cooking in her own kitchen with a larger audience, and that’s how Sequel was born.

She says “I’ve been eating clean for about five years now, and that means organic, gluten, refined sugar and starch free.”

We’re all trying to eat better but sometimes it seems like unhealthy food is just easier to access. We wanted to dispel the myth that healthy food can’t be accessible, tasty and wholesome by swapping out common junk food for healthier options.

In Sequel there’s juice and then there’s cold pressed juice. What’s the difference? When fruits and vegetables are put through a cold pressed juicer, the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients because of the hydraulic press. Therefore, no nutrients are lost as no heat is used during the entire juicing process. A sugary juice or soda is full of empty calories and spikes up sugar levels temporarily before crashing. The whole idea at Sequel is to eat wholesome food with exciting flavors. Therefore, all of their juices are designed to be both delicious and nutritious. The Deep Cleanse juice is full of fiber, Vitamins C and K because of the red cabbage and pear. We love the refreshing kick added by the mint and lime.

The menu at Sequel is primarily vegetarian, with options in eggs and two seafood options in the mains. The bistro also boasts the first cold-pressed juice bar in Mumbai. The smoothies have a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, sure to please the green juice enthusiasts. We tried the ‘Pretty in Pink’ salad with rolled smoked Norwegian salmon, avocado, romaine lettuce, Florence fennel, green apple, pickled baby radish and red rice wine vinaigrette, which makes for surprisingly filling dinner fare. ‘The Big Heist’ is fresh take on poached eggs with a yoghurt-based Hollandaise, served on gluten-free bread and bed of roasted vegetables. ‘Into the Wild’ is a toasty plate of Himalayan wild black rice with roasted vegetables in Provencal herbs, topped with Kashmiri walnuts, organic cranberries and Parmesan.

There’s more

The bistro will also sell their homemade granola, crackers and nut butters. It also plans to take orders for custom-baked artisanal bread on a 24-hour prior notice. While there are a few permanent dessert options on the menu, Choudhary plans to create special ones for each day. We tried the dark chocolate and strawberry cookie, which was rich enough to be a portion size for two. “We only use natural sweeteners like bananas, honey or Omani dates and use the natural oil released from the nuts in the baking,” says Choudhary.

Sequel is meticulous about the quality it offers. The crunch of a nutty cracker, the richness of macadamia butter, the sweet acidity of rice wine vinaigrette against salmon—these are enough to urge you to drop that plate of fries in favor of a delicious meal that’ll have you waking up the next morning without a bloated stomach. The space is great for both big and small crowds, but we’re in love with the single seating tables that are perfect for some relaxed, much-needed alone time.

Sequel uses 100 per cent certified organic dry produce. The organic leaves come from different farms in Maharashtra. There is a strict no-sugar, no-flour rule in the kitchen. The idea is to use alternate, nutritious grains like buckwheat, amaranth, sorghum, chia seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds to bake. Even the chocolate used is single origin, vegan, stone ground, and naturally imported from Peru.

Let’s reach there and try something healthy :

Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar, Shop No 2, Solace, 33rd road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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