FLO Jaipur chapter organised a panel discussion on Women & Wealth with Union Minister of Textiles Ms. Smriti Irani

A group discussion was hosted by FLO Jaipur chapter on Women and Wealth on the 7th March- a day before International Women’s Day 2017. Union  Minister of Textiles, Ms. Smriti Irani graced the occasion. The session was held at Hotel ITC Rajputana. The event emphasized how women can improve their savings & remain financially healthy.

The Chairperson Ms Preeti Saboo emphasized on the importance of the topic in question- Women and Wealth creation- on the eve of International Women’s day.  Encouraging women to take up the cause of empowering themselves, Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani urged women to be thrifty in order to attain security in the financial aspect of life.

At an interactive discussion, Irani said, “Why not talk about ‘women and savings’ rather than ‘women and wealth’.”

“Usually, women think about her family before herself. She saves for her family. But, it is equally important to save for herself. Women should empower themselves before empowering others,” she opined.She also stressed on the pertinence of have one’s will registered, in order to prevent chaos in the future.

“It is indeed awkward to ask your father or husband to have a registered will. They may take it otherwise. But it is necessary to have such a will. Even I asked by my father once if he has made one. I believe that it is alright to ask to have such registered will,” she observed.

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The Union Minister applauded the small women entrepreneurs for their dedication to the cause of paying back the loans taken from the government.  “Out of the 100 small-time women entrepreneurs, who took a loan from us recently, 99 have returned it while one couldn’t because of her death,” she stated.

Women are excellent dealers- being laundry walla, milk walla and grocery sellers. The most intelligent practice related to wealth is to spend it but only in a prudent manner. In this day and age women no longer shy away from talking about wealth. The contribution of women in the creation of wealth is equal to that of men. Skills required for wealth creation include analysis, management of wealth and time as well. One can only make sound investments if they have chosen viable alternatives after a close and careful study of all options available.

The measure of risk that one takes in money matters pertaining to investing money should be the amount one already assumes they have lost. One shall treat it as their consolidated fund. This will keep them financially secured, Ms. Meghana Malkan, Trading Expert; Ms. R.M. Vishakha MD & CEO India First Life Insurance; Mr. Vivek Mavani Independent Investment Advisor & Mr. Siddharth Zarabi, Chief Editor of BTVi.

On the theme “Women and Wealth” the members also inquired about investments after demonetization, Schemes of investment, Government Schemes for Women in Industry… FLO members were delighted to be a part of the Group Discussion & it was a learning lesson for all.

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