Kylie Jenner warned about her fake cosmetics in market By Mitali Merchant

There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner and her popular line of products once broke the internet. However she has now been warning her fans about the dangerous additions to her fake lip kit.

Kylie has expressed her concern regarding the dangerous ingredients being used in the product.

There were instances where buyers bought products from places other than the official site and ended up with disasters. The fake kylie products are mostly being circulated in Asia. In Asia it extremely common to make fake products at cheap prices to satisfy customers. What we must understand is that customers are a part of this problem and must take responsible purchasing decisions. If the price is too good to be true then there must be a shortcoming.

However , there are certain differences that may help you differentiate between the fake kylie products and the real ones.

  • First is to check the text printed on the boxes.
  • On the fake one, you would notice certain white spots whereas the real one has no such spots.
  • Kylie Cosmetics have added more information on to the back of the packaging which I can be distinguished when compared to the fake lip kit. The text on the fake lip kit box would  also be  a bit smaller than the real one.
  • The font on the lip liner is also smaller than that on the real one.
  • On the smudging the fake one, you would notice that it loses pigmentation as compared to the real one.

These may all be physical comparisons that can be easily made by comparing with a picture of the real kylie product. However, the biggest difference would be the price. The original product is sold for roughly $29 and the fake one is much cheaper.

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