Why on earth would I even bleach this beautiful melanin, God blessed me with, Nyakim Gatwech

Written By – Moumita Sircar

In an era, where people make desperate attempts to lighten and whiten their skin. We live in a world where people are obsessed much with white skins as attested by a barrage of whitening treatments and latest whitening creams and other cosmetic surgeries as well.
Even it has been noticed worldwide that people are expert in using photo editing apps and various filters to enhance the skin complexion in photos. As the demand for these apps are increasing people are getting more interested and fascinated too.


Nyakim is breaking the stereotypes and emerging as a role model to many. She became latest internet sensation all for her mesmerizing beauty. The 24 year old old diva has now been called the “Queen of Dark”. She is not fair but extremely dark model, now a Sudanese model has emerged as odd one out and has become an internet hot news for her lovely colour. Nyakim Gatwech has proved to the world that beauty knows no boundaries. She is a fine example of the notion that prettiness has got nothing to do with complexion of a person, its how confident you are with yourself, its how you present yourself before all, its how you believe in yourself and its how you trust and thank god for the beauty you are born with.
As stated by the brave girl Nyakim Gatwech, that we are all beautiful in whatever shade of skin colour God create us in. So why is dark bad? Embrace and love who you are and world would as well.
Recently she told her followers in Instagram : ” I was asked by my Uber Driver, the other day, he said “Don’t take this as offensive but if you were given 10 thousand dollars would you bleach your skin for that amount?” I couldn’t even respond as I started laughing so hard. Then he said ” So the answer is no” I was like no, why on earth would I even bleach this beautiful melanin, God blessed me with. “
Despite the crude questions
Nyakim feels empowered by her uniqueness and her self love, it took to be confident in her beauty. She is not only beautiful but bold too.
Nyakim has been bullied for her complexion while growing up but she divided to educate and encourage others to love the skin tone they have been blessed with.
This girl is a true inspiration for other women too. Many women on earth feels rejected for their beauty and complexion. They become weak from inside. People will mock, make fun of them but its our duty to remain strong and appreciate of what god gave us or how we are created. We are God’s creation, we are precious, so its our own duty to remain strong and make things beautiful all around.


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