Every woman who makes a choice and makes it work for her is a SHERO , Sairee Chahal , Founder- SHEROES

Written By – Mitali Merchant

Every woman is a cliché saying that goes, ‘It’s a man’s world’ but there are a number of women out there who are putting an end to it. The news about low female labour participation rate, as confirmed by the world bank is not new. Hence the emphasis is now on women entrepreneurs, the ones who could help re-shape the future of our country. Among one such heroes is Sairee Chahal, founder and CEO of sheroes.in.

What is sheroes?  It is an online career destination for women. The SHEROES Community has access to high growth career , mentorship and support. SHEROES engages with businesses to help them connect with female talent in form of employees, partners, customers and business owners.

“ I had the sensation of deciphering the meaning of Shero- Every woman who makes a choice and makes it work for her is a SHERO,” she says.

Her main object behind sheroes is to help women bring out their best talents by offering them various work from home jobs in India. She helps women find a balance between work life and private life. She is also the founder of Fleximoms, a platform where women can find flexible jobs.

Every woman has a Post graduate degree from the reputed institute- IMT Ghaziabad and she later went on to become a journalist. She also has a degree in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).  She gained a lot of experiences in the early years of her career. She also tried gaining experience and knowledge in fields that were different from her career choices, including a co-translation of a book on the life of poet Rahim from Hindi to Russian and assisting the Discovery Channel producing a documentary called ‘Holy Men of India.’

 “If you went out four years ago and said ‘women and careers’ everyone thought you were an NGO,” Sairee says “We have moved the needle from women being ‘pink’ content category to a real, professional network for women,” she said. 

Her ‘unstoppable’ trait surely surprises and inspires us in lot many ways!

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