I refuse to be shamed for bleeding!


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All human beings bleed but women bleed in an additional way that men don’t. Yes, I’m talking about the monthly bleeding. Despite it being an absolutely normal biological process, the very mention of having your monthly bleeding makes men and funnily women too, gasp. Or if not gasp, almost everyone gets uncomfortable at the mention of it.

It has always confounded me. This is a very normal process happening to all women, that’s how we work biologically. It’s a part of us, making us who we are in a physical way. So, the glares other girls would get ( yeah, sometimes I would get them too ) or the slap on the arm somewhere to hush would always perplex or intrigue me. Even while growing up, I couldn’t understand the sinly mystery clouding it. I would wonder, why isn’t it okay or decent to talk about your periods? And the sad part is that women are more responsible for menstruation shaming since time immemorial. For men, it’s difficult to understand as they don’t go through this but women making it something shameful is such a despondent state. They themselves creating such horror around it is beyond comprehension to me. Just because you bleed from your vagina, it makes it gross or impolite or indecent to talk about. It’s not like they enjoy talking about it but it’s as normal a topic as any other. I mean it’s as normal as bleeding from anywhere from your body when you get hurt.

 And it does hurt like any other way we bleed.  In fact, it’s a continuous agony. You are sore, get cramps, have hormonal shifts, get headaches, dizziness, swollen breasts. On top of that through some customs women are shamed every month by asking to refrain from entering a kitchen, a temple, a workplace.

 Seriously? You think bleeding from the vagina is disgusting? What about the disgust, sickness, horror people harbor in their hearts and enter your kitchen, your temples, your workplace? So, having periods beats all other human vices. People committing all kinds of horrors every day is better than a woman having periods. They still have a place in your temples, your homes, your workplace but a woman in ” those days ” will not. So, much for being a modern and evolving society!

While growing up, whenever I would have my periods, my father and brothers would all be hovering around me. My dad would call up from the office asking if I was in too much pain or massage my back and my brothers all upset with me being in pain, run to fetch me a hot cup of tea or a hot water bag. My husband always nursing me through those days and taking extra care. I guess I’m blessed with amazing male family members. But not every girl has that and I write it for all of them.

So, here I urge all men to take responsibility of making the women in your life- wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend, colleague – beautiful and normal when they bleed. Let them know it’s okay, there is nothing shameful about it. Talk to them about how they feel, nurse them, if need be buy their sanitary napkins, be with them for I earnestly believe with my own experience that men can be equally loving and parental as that’s what women need during the bleeding days. Be their HEROES when they go through something that they can’t help having and are miserable. 

And the women, you should the first ones to be there for one another to support for you go through this, so it’s easier to understand. INSTEAD OF BEING EACH OTHER’S CULPRIT, BE EACH OTHER’S CHAMPION!

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