We all are managing roles not Juggling roles , says Ashish Vidyarthi in FICCI FLO event

On 24th July FICCI FlO along with Avid miner and its founder national award winning actor Ashish Vidyarthi, a renowned actor organized an awe inspiring Pathway conversation on a very underrated subject ‘leadership & Peer Pressure’. In event he says, we all are managing roles not Juggling roles. at Marriot Hotel.

The motto of the event was to inspire people to stop complaining about their lives, stop comparing them with others, rather take the lead of situations around them by Managing their Worlds!! Ashish talked about Leadership and Peer Pressure but he took the matter in a slightly different ‘Ashish Style’ Engaging the audience in the talk, Ashish described how it all lies within us, how we can bring out the best in ourselves, and how this best version of ourselves can be a motivation for all the people around us. In his own words “But when you recognize yourself as a gift and take this life as one chance, one opportunity, you don’t hide behind such securities and you don’t let them hinder you from having the most amazing life,” .

Ashish also explained how we create or succumb to pressure for ourselves and not the peers ,“ Usne kharida, mai bhi kariduga/kharidugi! (He/She bought, So, I’ll also buy it) The person just did what he/she wanted to, but, we see them and then we see aspiration and not inspiration which only leads to pressure. So, no one else can create any pressure on you, you yourself are creating it for you.” he said with all the enthusiasm.It was an insightful session which left the audience motivated and highly inspired to live their lives in the best way.

Followed by Ashish, Chairperson Minal added, “This session takes us on a journey of reference points in our daily lives, where we can all relate the said subject with our experiences & perceptions.There is a myth, It says ‘ Women will not play Football as 11 of them will not wear the same outfit in public.‘, so that’s the kind of peer pressure you see”
Furthermore, she appreciated the chapter for organizing a successful Cervical Cancer Awareness camp at Village GudaMansingh, she requested all members to come forward and support this cause. To conclude the session, Chairperson Minal quoted, “I wish to live in a world where people come with on – off switches. Let’s not take life, too seriously. We will never get out of it alive. If life gives us lemons, make a lemonade … And always try to find somebody whose life has given them music, and have a party”

The Key takeaways of Ashish’s speech were:

“Stop saying that ‘I’m juggling so many roles.’ The only important role in life is the one you are living and playing at the moment, “Replace “juggling so many roles” with “I’m managing worlds!”
“Trying to be like someone else is the best way to be a loser!”
“It’s okay to be scared! The catch is to move ahead despite your fears.”
“Embrace the gift of living an inspired life”

The session ended with a standing ovation by the audience for the speaker and the song ‘Itni si hasi, itni si khushi‘.

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