Dance on Love Jihad by Kathak Dancer Avni Sethi #lovejihad

Written By: Vaishnavi


The ogre of ‘love jihad’ had already been given a life of its own in the inner sanctums of right-wing during the early Mughals times.

Is love jihad real?

Are Muslim men actually being trained to woo impressionable Hindu women so that they can persuade them to convert to Islam?

But why isn’t the society thinking in a different way. What if they are in love?

 Love Jihad, the label which has been inflicted from common citizens to celebrities by Hindutva Fringe Groups since more than a decade does not need any introduction, from propaganda videos, articles, posters and now graffiti on the walls of Ahmedabad roadsides and Universities which reads ‘Hindu daughters beware of love jihad.

But this time, Avni Sethi destroyed ‘Love-Jihad’ propaganda with Mughal-e-Azam tune. The Kathak dancer was portrayed dancing for ”Jab pyaar kiya tho darna kya “ and blowing everyone’s minds.

She has bravely dared as dared them all through her amazing dance performance at five such spots in the city.

According to the source she said 

“These are not quiet streets but main roads bustling with people through most part of the day. It is the heart of the city and to give such open threats within a city’s landscape is leading us to a path of politics that is largely based on fear,”

“Such propaganda is there on main roads for people to pick up the signs of what’s coming ahead. It is not only on these five roads that this graffiti has been put, it is also on many other roads,” she added.

She chose this particular song which in itself is a trademark as a rebellion against the ‘enemies of love’ for her performance, “There’s an open declaration that we’re in love and why should we be scared. If I will love, I’ll do so fearlessly,” she said.

Art takes an especially beautiful shape when it is used to subvert religious fanaticism.  And this is how Avni showcased her talent and slammed away all the walls have been painted with graffiti that reads (in Gujarati): ‘Hindu daughters beware of love jihad.’

Stand-up comedian and National Award winning screenwriter and lyricist Varun Grover went on Twitter to support Sethi.

The video of one of her performances was captured outside a college. She spins and swirls, in graceful defiance, while a scattered crowd watches on.

When asked about the reason for choosing a public space – a street-side – to perform, instead of a theatrical performance, she said, “Performing with the graffiti in the backdrop raised a voice against this propaganda and when its done on a street, it helps engage and interact with people who regularly pass through streets where such messages are being disseminated.”

Let’s Root For Avni Sethi and for True Love!

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