Afghan Singer Aryana Sayeed’s is in news for many different reasons

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Sitting in different parts of the world, we are often ignorant of what’s going on in the war-struck countries of the Middle-East. Women hardly ever come in the news because even though most Middle-Eastern countries are “democratic”, misogyny and conservatism run deep in their veins. So, it doesn’t matter if a woman has made a world-changing discovery, gotten raped, hit, or murdered — women are insignificant for them.

But, Aryana Sayeed is one of the few women who have been able to make news in the Afghan world. Aryana is a songwriter, singer and has been a host in an Afghani T.V show called Voice Of Afghanistan. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan but lives in England, London now. Her career kick-started with the release of Afghan Pesarak that she sung. After the release, Aryana became a household name in not only Afghanistan but in Afghan-households abroad, too. She has sung many songs, some of which are — Bia Bia, Mashallah, Tark, Gule Seb cover, Ya Habibi, Yellah Yellah cover, Jelwa, etc. As Aryana’s fame rose, she was often called to perform at concerts. It was at the peak of her fame that she decided to go to her war-struck home and perform there.

Aryana Sayeed forgot that she is a woman and her attempts to spread some happiness in her motherland will only lead to controversies because of the conservative Mawlavis. There have been multiple controversies that have surrounded Aryana since the beginning of her music career, simply because she is a woman.

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The most recent controversy has been aboutAryana ‘s Independence Day Concert that was supposed to be held on 19 August 2017 (Afghani Independence Day) but was canceled due to “security reasons”. Aryana immediately slammed this move by saying that this wasn’t the first time clerics had canceled a concert saying that it will have a negative impact on the youth. Aryana claims that she just wants to spread happiness in Afghanistan but the Mawlvis deny her the permission to do so because of conservatism. Arayana has turned out to be a role model for many young Afghani females because of her courage and sheer defiance of irrational and oppressive rules of the Ulama Council. She became a hero in the Afghani Pop Culture when she refused to back down and help a concert in Kabul despite numerous threats of attacks. In fact, her concert saw a greater number of girls than boys. This defiance has led to Aryana receiving multiple death threats from the ones who view her tight outfits and concerts as an infringement of Islamic Law.

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Another controversy that has surrounded Ms. Sayeed is about “nude” outfit she wore at her concert in Paris. She was accused of performing naked and dishonoring Afghans at home and abroad. Aryana, in return, posted a video in which her dress was on fire. She did this to prove the material existence of her dress. With this action, Ms. Sayeed wanted to raise awareness about the garb of orthodoxy that Afghanistan has been hidden under for such a long time.

Aryana Sayeed is the first mainstream hip hop and pop singer in Afghanistan and she has broken many records. Her songs highlight the plight of women in Afghanistan. She is seen as a bold woman who is moving forward to change the dynamics of how women are perceived in Afghanistan. She wears Western dresses, doesn’t cover her head, has her own career, defies Mullahs and gives many young Afghani girls that there is the world out there which is not controlled by the men in their lives.

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