” I do not choose things , things choose me ” , Bela Badhalia

The first thing that pops up in my head when I think of Bela Badhalia is her ever present smile. Despite contributing to a multiplicity of projects she is a humble and philanthropic lady. “Adbhut Jewels” is her jewelry line and “Adbhut Interio” is her home decor venture. Recently, she has launched a silver jewelry business ” Dyuti” which aims to create sustainable and entrepreneurial opportunities for women in an otherwise men intensive jewelry industry. ” Dyuti ” is an ambitious initiative of SILGO for enterprising women of today.

She had been the chairperson of FICCI FLO Jaipur chapter 2013-2014.Women empowerment in the true sense is very close to her heart.

bela interview
VamaIndia: Tell us something about yourself and your family?
Bela Badhalia: My family is involved in Jewellery business, So I was exposed to this environment forever I remember. I studied commerce from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidhyasharam in Jaipur and switched to fine arts in college. These factors put together somehow contributed to the journey that lay ahead. I got married to Pankaj, Jeweller and moved to Taiwan with him. There, I studied trends of jewellery design in the international arena by visiting manufacturers in Taiwan and noticed the distinction between Indian and international jewellery trends. After spending eight long years in Taiwan, my husband and I relocated our base to India. We launched our joint venture – “Adbhut Jewels”. Since then there has been no looking back and we are continuously moving ahead.
VamaIndia : What about your association with FICCI FLO and your journey so far?
Bela Badhalia : FLO has become a major part of my life. In the year of inception, I had the opportunity to edit FLO Year Book. In the coming year, I became part of FLO Governing body and was chosen to chair the Jaipur Chapter, in the year 2013 -2014. Presently, I am Governing body member of National FLO. During my tenure as – Chairperson the main focus was to create workshops, lectures for sharpening business acumen in women . We launched Business Consultancy cell to help small and medium business to grow.
VamaIndia: How did “Adbhut Interio” happen?

Bela Badhalia :When my house was getting constructed in Jaipur. I was passionately involved in the interior and artwork of my home. After receiving many compliments and requests from friends to help them in theirs, I realized the demand and hence started curating home decor products during my travels worldwide. ” Adbhut Interio “is home fashion store which has aesthetic home accessories like furniture, paintings ,vases, show pieces, rugs under one roof. I encourage every customer to become interior decorator of their own home.

bela new award
VamaIndia: Tell us more about “Adbhut Jewels”?
Bela Badhalia :“Adbhut Jewels” caters to an audience with a taste for exclusive designs. We don’t encourage our clients to order – no offense intended- as it seems to restrict our creativity. Every product designed at “Adbhut Jewels” is extraordinary and unique and reflects the integrity invested in its creation.

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VamaIndia: Now tell us something about “Dyuti” concept which has been recently launched.
Bela Badhalia : After garnering high praises and earning accolades, I have a strong urge to give back to society. You see, we come across so many women who are unable to reach their full potential because of various reasons. Homemakers- who toil from dawn to dusk, are not valued despite their hard work. There is no harm in encouraging them to have some flexible earnings. The concept of “Dyuti” emerged from this thought. Around that time I met Nitin Jain , my classmate who is involved in silver jewellery manufacturing & exports for nearly two decades. He approached me to start online silver jewellery joint venture by the name “Silgo”, which we discussed can also act as a platform to encourage women to become “Dyuti “, an entrepreneur in jewellery industry

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“Dyuti” is a member-referral jewellery merchandising program by SILgo.in that has arisen from the sole need to empower women and help them become entrepreneurs. This program is suitable for every woman who wants to work, be economically productive for herself and/or her family. Dyuti is a medium through which every woman can become the self-reliant entrepreneur with no risk of elaborate investments, infrastructural expansion, labour or worker management, or any other institutional risk of the business. It gives you the freedom to earn at your discretion.

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VamaIndia: I could not hold myself from asking, what’s next Bela?

She laughed and said, Whatever inspires me next !!

The long list of Awards and recognition’s, Bela received for her great work so far:

1. Best Booth Award – Jewellery Section (Second Winner) Jaipur Jewellery Show 2015

2. Winner – Theme Based Jewellery of the year (Wildlife) JJS – IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards 2015

3. Winner – Best Jadau Necklace set of the year (Precious Stones) National Jewellery Awards 2016

4. Winner – Best Men’s Jewellery of the year National Jewellery Awards 2016

5. Certificate of Appreciation as Judge (6th Jewellery Design Awards) JAS 2013

6. Zee Marudhara Women Empowerment Awards 2015 (Outstanding contribution in the field of fashion/jewellery)

7. Special Thanks for Judging Women Recognition Awards 2014 (95 FM Tadka)

8. Best Membership Drive – Jaipur Chapter FICCI Ladies Organisation 2013-14

9. Governing Body Member FICCI Ladies Organisation 2016-17

10. Winner – Best Bracelet Design JJS – IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards 2016

11. Certificate of Merit for participating in category ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2014-15 ‘India Gem & Jewellery Awards 2015’ by GJPEC. 

Adbhut Interio
Adbhut Jewels
VamaIndia wishes Bela Badhalia all the very best for her future endeavors 🙂
Keep shining, keep inspiring and keep empowering !!

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