The lion-hearted lady bureaucrat single – handedly roared her way out of the riots caused in Panchkula – Gauri Parashar Joshi

Written By: Eesha

Police officers play a central role in the law enforcement system. They focus majorly on protecting the citizens of this world. But what if they willingly escape from their essential responsibilities allotted to them?

The conviction of Sirsa Dera chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim, has led to an enormous mayhem in the nation, specifically vandalizing the city of Panchkula. The city had been flooded with riots and violence. And that’s precisely when people needed crucial help from the police body. The tense situation escalated beyond the control of the otherwise self – claimed macho police of Haryana. In response to the outbreak, the local police ran for cover, literally fleeing from the furious mob.

This scenario emboldened a daring young lady bureaucrat to take charge of the situation surrounded by riots caused by Ram Rahim followers. The brave lady, Gauri Parashar Joshi, a 2009 batch IAS Office, is the Deputy Commissioner of Panchkula. She did an exceptional job by single – handedly trying to calm down the agitators. But as violence escalated, Ms. Joshi suffered injuries and even her clothes got torn. But nowhere did that push her to flee the situation. Looking at the intensifying condition, the lady officer left with a single PSO, went to her office and issued an order to hand over the situation directly to the Army. Her command of the situation helped in containing the violence.

She got back home at 3 a.m, only following the satisfaction in her mind of making sure no other possible riots took place that day. She went around every nook and corner of the city and saw to it that the situation was under control after dispersing the rioters.

She did not just tackle a dangerous situation swiftly but also put her life at risk to make sure of the safety of men, women, and children around. “It’s time the patriarchal state, with abysmally low sex ratio, looks up to such women and take a lesson or two,” said Betty Nangia who saw two rioters shot down by the Army.


VamaIndia Salutes to this courageous Woman !!

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