It is never too late to follow your heart , Moksha Jetley #MokshaRides

” Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination ” 

Above quote is applicable on Moksha Jetley, Who has followed her passion of riding the bike and shaping her career in that, despite all the criticism and opposition from the family. Let’s know her story from her only !!


VamaIndia: Tell us Something About yourself and your family ?? 

Moksha Jetley:  My name is Moksha Jetley, 55 years of age, a single mother with a grown up daughter. Her name is Prachi Jetley, 32 years of age, lives and works in Banglore. I run an adventure motor biking tour agency, based in Manali (Himachal Pradesh). We are just two in the family, me and my beloved daughter, small and very happy family.

VamaIndia: Since when have you started driving the Bike ??

Moksha Jetley: I started riding bikes when I was a teenager. Professionally, I did a recce tour from Manali to Leh in Sept.2008 and got my first business tour in 2009. It is the 9th year of my profession in this field.


VamaIndia: What were the Challenges you faced while riding a Bike ?? 

Moksha Jetley: Riding a bike is like any other two wheelers. It is just a mind-set that bikes are too heavy to handle especially Royal Enfield. You just need a bit of training and a lot of confidence. As far as challenges are concerned, there was a lot of opposition from my siblings initially. Once I could venture into this field and became the first Indian woman in this business, media started following me, then everybody around me felt different.


VamaIndia: Why have you chosen Bike riding as your Profession ?? 

Moksha Jetley: I think it was destiny as till April 2007, I had no idea I would be doing this. I happened to meet an American lady, Connie Stambush, who was a paying guest for a month at my landlord’s place in Manali. She told me that she toured the whole of India alone on a Royal Enfield bike. She was in her late forties. Generally, we people think that once you cross forty, adventure activities can be limited and travelling alone that too on a two wheeler, highly unsafe and risky. I was forced to think that if a foreigner lady could feel safe in India, then why I had apprehensions. As I had been riding different bikes since my teenage, the idea started taking shape. Moreover, since Manali is a gateway to Ladakh-Spiti route, I saw many bikers heading to those destinations. As It had to happen, a company in Kerala, Hykon India showed interest in sponsoring my trip to Leh. A friend lent his Royal Enfiled Electra bike to me. So I could take my very first motor biking trip in Sept. 2008. It was an incredible trip and every since, I am on my bike. 


VamaIndia: Have you taken professional Training to ride a Bike? 

Moksha Jetley: When I was a teenager, my father taught me how to ride a scooter with gears. Since, a scooter and motor-cycle have the same system; I could easily handle a bike too. No, I never took any training. I think as everyone of us is born with certain inborn talent. Driving and riding come to me naturally.

VamaIndia: Did your Family accept this Profession of yours? 

Moksha Jetley: My father was very supportive but unfortunately I lost him in July 2008. None of my siblings was in favour; rather everyone thought I was a crazy woman. My mother had her doubts. She preferred me to do some job with regular income. I got all the support and encouragement from my daughter and friends.

Moksha 2

VamaIndia: How difficult is to ride a Bike in Mountains ?? 

Moksha Jetley: I enjoy more in mountains as you don’t see traffic jams or manics driving their vehicles mindlessly. Jokes apart, of course, It is not easy to ride in high altitude, crossing water bodies, gravel paths. One definitely needs a lot of training, practice, physical and mental strength.

VamaIndia: Which Bike are you Driving nowadays? 

Moksha Jetley: I have been riding a 350cc Royal Enfield Electra bike, 2009 model.

VamaIndia: What are the Challenges of a Single mother in the Profession Like this? 

Moksha Jetley: Time is changed. I am happy to say that the women are treated with more respect and dignity. People don’t bother about my marital status.

VamaIndia: Any Message for readers of VamaIndia? 

Moksha Jetley: I am proud to be a woman and mother of a daughter. God has made a woman very strong. There is nothing what she cannot achieve. You live only once. Age is just a number. It is never too late to follow your heart. Don’t look for support outside. It is your strength and conviction which leads you to different destination. One must try at least without bothering for the result. Every effort gives you a valuable experience. Just keep learning, growing and stay happy.

Jai Hind !!

What an inspiring Life Journey or rather we say Bike Journey of Moksha Jetley !!

VamaIndia wishes Moksha all the very best for her future journey on favorite Bike !!


So Ladies next time, whenever you go to Manali, do not forget to go on a Bike Ride with our Bike Rider Vama, Moksha Jetley !!



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