“Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.” , Few tips on Self Esteem

Written By: Harshika

In this era of ever changing fashion fads, confidence is the best and the prettiest outfit you could ever wear. Confidence is the key to success, but we often spend so much time comparing ourselves with others and reiterating all our insecurities in our minds shoving our self – esteem go down the drain. There is a great saying- “Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.” ¬†Therefore, I am going to provide you with a few tips to make that confidence ooze out.


1) 3 Seconds of Courage

How often have you thought of overdoing something and then ended up not doing that specific activity? One too many times, I guess. This is a very common mistake we make- overthinking about whether to say yes or no, whether to take that job or not, whether to go the gym or not, etc. and mostly, we take the decision that doesn’t benefit us. 3 Seconds of Courage is a powerful mantra that can help you not to overthink and make you say “YES!” to all those decisions and gives you the confidence to go and grab numerous opportunities.

2) Stop worrying about judgments

We are surrounded by judgments that are given about everything we do and say. Worrying about such judgments does nothing but lower the confidence we worked so hard to build. Low confidence further lowers our self – esteem which in turn hampers our personal growth. Therefore, stop thinking and caring about judgments being made and given to you and just LIVE!

3) No Pressures

The world is fast-paced and keeping up with it is becoming increasingly hard. To keep up, we often make a very long list of things that we should do on a daily basis, forgetting that we need some personal time to relax, breathe and take a break from work that is always knocking on our doors. Making these long “To-Do” Lists is the worst thing we can do for our confidence because most of the times completing 20 tasks a day is impossible, and when we are unable to complete them, we feel like losers. This lowers our confidence. Hence, to avoid the reduction in that precious confidence-meter, you need to stop pressurizing yourself and start living like a lion.

4) Bad Days Come & Go

All of us are humans, and we aren’t perfect. So, it’s normal for us to have some bad days on which our face is pale, lips are chapped, pimples popping out on forehead, oily hair, etc. On days like these, we often stand in front of huge mirrors and point out everything that is wrong with our appearance, and bruising our confidence in the process. So, on your bad day, stand in front of a mirror and smile as wide as you can while telling yourself that you love who you see.

Practice these exercises in your daily life and see the result for yourself. Don’t forget that you are one in a million and your uniqueness will make you go a long way if it is accompanied by confidence. Kudos to you for trying to better yourself!!


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