Ranisa Rukshmani Kumari, from the Royal Family of Chomu, empowers the needy

Advocating for young women, children and human rights, their economic empowerment and political participation are the critical levers for driving progress towards gender equality. Women activists through the ages have played a significant role in-propagating & changing many such individuals and the society’s mentality too.

Ranisa Rukshmani Kumari Ji is one such woman of substancehailing from the illustrious Royal Family of Chomu which has a history of great warriors right from the Mughal Period in erstwhile British rule and Post-Independence serving the Indian Forces in various capacities & Ranks.

She is the founder of the NGO Star Foundation under which she has pledged to support economic & social upliftmenof women and child education in Rural Rajasthan & later in other parts of India. She always made an effort to empower them in sustainable ways. 

She started her journey focus towards the empowerment of women & changing the lives of children while attending the WHO conference in the USA. 

According to WHO, most of the children in third world countries are affected & are subjected to life-threatening diseases being barefoot as one of the major cause. The long term damage caused by these diseases to young children, invoke her desire to work towards the basic needs of these underprivileged people.

And that’s how Rukshmani Kumari started the Star Shoe Project. In this project, she aims to distribute shoes in the Government schools of Rural Rajasthan and has hosted discussions, workshops and counseling parents who at present refrain and stop their children from attending schools due to various reasons.  

She has distributed more than 5000 shoes in various schools in many villages of Rajasthan.


She also elucidates on being a single parent to her son Maharaj Kumar Prithviraj Singh after losing her husband Shaheed Maharaj Kumar  Major Aditya Singh during Operation Prakram in Kashmir on 5th November 2011.

According to Rukshmani Ji, it is not easy to play both roles. But her son is very supportive and understands her efforts. She added that during her visits to the villages , She observes Widowed women are kept away from participating important function and they are forced not to wear what they like is an injustice to the humanity. I will always stand for these women as I understand there pain what they go through.

 Shaheed Maharaj Kumar  Major Aditya Singh with son Maharaj Kumar Prithviraj Singh
Now, she is trying to initiate changes for these women too but on the contrary, she rightly points out and stress that true change will only come when the society changes its mindset.
 With so many ups and downs in her life, she does not fail to relish the things she likes to do. She loves to cook and has a wide collection of sarees like any other Indian woman. She is an avid and voracious reader


Rukshmani Kumari Ji is currently working on 3 projects other than the “Star Shoe Project “

Star Mahila Kendra in which various skills are taught to the rural women of Rajasthan, at present, in these centers they have two batches of 12 women each who are getting trained in stitching. After learning, she is planning to have a tie-up with fashion houses in Jaipur and supporting these women until they become self-reliant and self-sufficient. 

Secondly, The Star Vriksh Abhiyan – the motto of this project is to plant at least one tree in each house in all the villages in Rajasthan. She believes that a plant must be planted and nurtured to secure our future and that of our coming generations. This project works on guiding the families to adopt the plant and name it on their child’s name or parents’ name.To make people believe in it and also to build the emotional connect.

 The Star Pusthakalya, which will be establishing libraries in Government schools. She appeals to everyone to come forward to donate their old story books to the foundation.With her deep love for books, Rukshmani Ji believes that books and reading can change the life of achild..She wishes to open this world to the children of all classes and society. 

Rukshmani Kumari Ji

Rukshmani Ji is a spiritual person; she believes Bhagavat Gita holds immense power to bring about positive change in the mind.

When asked about her thoughts on entering the politics, she hinted that people are rooting her to become one, with a lot of corruption in this era people have felt the need to have somebody to be their voice. She does not mind contesting an election if she could be of any help for her people in some or the other way.

Rukshmani Kumari Ji strongly conjectures that Gender Equality will be attained in the near future but not anytime soon. She feels content that women have started talking about women empowerment in the first place. 

We are growing slowly and rapidly.  Let’s not nag and be negative and hope that one day we will share everything equally as the men.
Rukshmani Kumari Ji with Ritika Joshi
 Ranisa Rukshmani Kumari Ji with Ritika Joshi, Founder VamaIndia

She delivered a special message to all VamaIndia readers out here:

“We Women should start uplifting and  strengthening each other for a better society and towards a better tomorrow for our children“ 

Jai Hind 



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